Business Office Manager Job Description


The company is seeking for a professional and dedicated Business Office Manager to join our production and manufacturing process. The person will be mainly responsible for coordinating and organizing administrative duties as well as the office procedures. The individual is to create, design, and maintain a pleasant and constructive working environment, making sure that the effectiveness of the organization remains high. It also focuses on the safety and communication of the company and the organization.

The basic work and main tasks of the Business Office Manager is to schedule appointments and meetings. It also includes arrangements for office supplies, employees’ administrative support, and visitors welcoming and greeting. We are looking for an individual with a past professional experience in Office Administration or in Front Office management.  The person should also possess the knowledge and fluency in office programs and software. In the end, the person should be familiar with administrative arrangement and also duties. The manager will have to make sure of the company’s smooth operation in order to help improve everyday running and procedures.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Mostly work as the point person for the Business Office duties such as errands, bills, maintenance, shopping, supplies, equipment, and mailing
  • Create and make schedule appointments and meetings
  • Organize and manage office layout, including ordering equipment and stationery
  • Work together with other departments, including the IT and marketing, concerning the office equipment
  • Work together with Human Resource department to maintain and update office policies
  • Maintain and manage office conditions as well as arranging the necessary repairs and fixes
  • Make sure that everything (supplies, equipments, etc) are invoiced, documented, and then paid on time
  • Organize and manage office procedures and operations
  • Help and assist during the on boarding process, especially regarding new hires
  • Manage and maintain price negotiations and contract with service providers, office vendors, and also office lease
  • Manage, deal with, and maintain G&A office budget, making sure that the reports are accurate and on time
  • Provide assistance and general support for clients, especially for visitors
  • Design, plan, manage, and implement both offsite or in-house activities such as celebrations, conferences, and parties
  • Address and deal with employees concerns or queries in related to office management issues, such as travel arrangements, hardware, stationery, or such thing alike
  • Work together with facility management services that cover catering, cleaning, and security services

Requirements and Skills

  • Have the knowledge and experience in business operation and administration, including the procedures, responsibilities, and systems
  • Have a past experience in Administrative, Business Management, or Office Management field. Any experience in managerial position will be an advantage
  • Possess the knowledge and fluency in MS Office, especially in Outlook and Excel
  • Able to operate office machines and equipments, such as printers or fax machine
  • Possess a good problem solving skill and leadership ability
  • Have a good communication skill, both in written and verbal, with adaptable flair
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Management, Business Management, or other related fields

Interested applicants are welcomed to send their CV, application letter, and a resume to: The application should be sent before January 21st the latest.

Business Office Manager Job Description
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