Commercial Property Manager Job Description


We are a company that is focusing on property management as well as providing the best service for our clients. We are currently looking for a professional, experienced, and ambitious Commercial Property Manager to help us with our management and workload.

The manager will be responsible for directing property operations as well as overseeing everything, which includes managing office buildings and retail spaces. The individual will manage and regulate the needs (and running) of the properties on a daily basis, including custodial task and maintenance. Not only the manager will be responsible for administrative duty and management task, but he/she will also have to interact with tenants to process and collect rent checking, show spaces to the potentially new lessees, and maintain the lease agreement.

It is possible that the manager will work only at one site or be responsible for some properties owned by only one property management (and maintenance) company. In order to succeed in this position, the candidate should have a good organizational and management skill. He/she should also posses calm manners to resolve concerns, questions, and problems of tenants and clients. Basically, the person will provide building owners and tenant point of contact so better agreement can be reached between them.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage the lease. It includes creating, planning, maintaining, and implementing lease documents. As the point of contact between tenants and property owners, the manager should be able to come up with profitable agreements for both parties
  • Negotiate the contract and also lease terms. It includes establishing better management and expectations for property management company and tenant, including updating lease and retaining quality (and positive) tenants.
  • Create, plan, prepare, and negotiate contracts for individual projects and maintenance activities for long term running
  • Conduct cleaning and maintenance activities while working with other service providers to maintain and repair systems, such as plumbing, electric, and HVAC
  • Report and manage financial information. It includes collecting the data, managing budgets, and reports on occupancy, overhead costs, and budgets which can be based on annual or monthly basis
  • Market the commercial spaces so they won’t be empty and they can generate revenue.

 Job’s Qualifications and Requirements

  • Possess a good customer-oriented attitude with adaptable skill
  • Have a good negotiation skill because the manager often deal with tenants and also clients
  • Have an impressive financial management ability that enables the person to create budgets, report the financial performance, and collect payments from tenants
  • Possess a good communication skill both in written and verbal form
  • Possess and enjoy marketing activities, including being familiar with marketing practices and principles
  • Possess a solid multitasking skill, as well as leadership and organizational skill.
  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Business, Management, or other related fields. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Possess a past experience in Marketing, Sales, and Management for at least 3 years

Interested and confident candidates are encouraged to send their application, consisting of a CV and a cover letter to: not later than February 16th. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable.

Commercial Property Manager Job Description
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