Assistant Warehouse Manager Job Description


Our growing business is in search of a professional and organized Assistant Warehouse Manager to join the team. The individual will have the responsibility to make sure that the inventory is organized, processed, and stored properly in a well-managed manner. The assistant manager has the main responsibility to scan, package, and prepare the orders for the delivery. It is a job with multitasking ability so if you aren’t used to working hard, it would be better if you don’t apply at all.

The assistant manager should be comfortable spending long hours being busy and being on their feet most of the time. The person should be experienced enough in managing and dealing with inventory database and software. He/she should have a good focus on meeting quotas as well as making sure that the job is done properly and efficiently. It is possible that the person will have to drive equipment or operate heavy machinery. We have our own technicians to do so but in the event of their being absent, it is the assistant’s job to step up and take over the task. That’s why we like those with valid driver license and those who don’t mind working in a challenging environment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Process inventory, as well as making the check, for delivery
  • Move and process materials and inventory across facilities
  • Sort, choose, organize, manage, and store inventory according to the sections and proper location
  • Scan the delivered items while making sure of quality
  • Wear safety gear and equipment at all times
  • Package items and label supplies correctly. It is possible to distribute and place items according to the sections, types, and locations
  • Report any missing or damaged inventory to the main Warehouse Manager
  • Stack big bulk of items as well as organizing them
  • Remove inventory from shipping or trucks and deliver them to proper location
  • Work together with Warehouse Manager to make sure that warehouse operation and management is running smoothly
  • Help the Warehouse Manager in managing the warehouse(s), including running tasks that are given by the main manager
  • Update the important documentation and logs for inventory processing and data accessing
  • Move materials or supplies from facilities to pickup locations, workstations, or other possible locations
  • Prepare inventory along with the documentation for audits
  • Operate heavy equipment or machinery, such as forklifts, to store or move inventory
  • Make sure that the workspace is safe and free from potential harm and debris. It includes removing safety hazards from locations or aisles
  • Work as the active member of the team so the entire team can complete and reach the goal

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirement

  • High school degree. Bachelor degree is acceptable but preferred with experience
  • State certification or license to operate and run heavy machinery when needed
  • Valid and legal driver license
  • Physically fit and healthy, able to deal with heavy items
  • Physically able to move, sit, walk, squat, stand, and even climb during the shift

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their CV and a resume to: before March 3rd.

Assistant Warehouse Manager Job Description
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