3+ World Cancer Day Flyer Templates Ideas

World Cancer Day Flyer: Spreading Cancer Awareness through Simple Mode

Increasing public awareness about cancer is important especially since the variations of this chronic illness are responsible for high mortality rate of people from diverse age groups. Thus, in special cancer commemoration day, you need to invite as many people as possible to spread out the information about it. To do that, you can come up with World Cancer Day flyer.

world cancer day flyer template design

World Cancer Day Flyer Campaign Objective

What is the objective of campaign about this commemoration? This commemoration has an aim to introduce public to various types of cancer so that they will become more aware of it. Higher level of awareness means faster detection of the issue. If this illness is detected faster, the survival rate will go significantly higher.

Another objective for this commemoration is to honor cancer survivors, current patients, and those who have passed during the battle. It provides solace to family members who are left behind and creates a sense of community for cancer patients and survivors. That way, these people can cope with their situation better.

The World Cancer Day flyer that you are creating should be able to reflect these main objectives. Thus, there is plenty of information to fit into the flyer. You also need to use suitable design for your flyer to further match the objectives.

World Cancer Day Flyer Contents

  1. Date and venue

You need to include the date and venue of this event if it is going to be commemorated. This detail must be written clearly as to avoid misinterpretation for the reader. Some event is not held in the day where the cancer day is commemorated. You should avoid writing two dates as that would confuse your reader.

  1. The agenda of event

It is also important to write down the agenda of your event. This will be the thing that attracts people to enjoy it. Some activities that are usually included in this event are talk show, cancer initial screening, and consultation. You have to list the highlight agendas of the event on the World Cancer Day flyer.

  1. Contact information

It is also considered necessary to put your contact information on the flyer. That includes email address, phone number, and even your social media accounts. It would be nicer if you can introduce certain hash tags in your flyer so your event would be more popular.

sample world cancer day flyer templates

World Cancer Day Flyer Template Designs

Various designs are available depending on your personal preference. Usually, you will find the flyers in more subdued colors. Pink, yellow, and blue are colors often used in this flyer. You can find the characteristic bow included in the design. Some template includes real photograph of survivors and family. You want to introduce hopefulness to your flyer.

world cancer day flyer template ideas

World Cancer Day Flyer PSD Download

If you are not sure about designing the flyer on your own, there is no need to worry. You can create a flyer using template of World Cancer Day flyer available in this page. By using the template, you no longer need to worry about layouting and designing your flyer. All you need to do is customizing the template to match your own event. All files found here are in PSD format.

world cancer day flyer template sample psd flyer template for world cancer day


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