3+ Grand Hotel Flyer customizable Templates Ideas

Grand Hotel Flyer Templates to Promote the Hotels


For the marketing, grand hotel flyer is the right media to choose. Flyers can be easily distributed and people can easily get it and keep it. The flyers are small and simple, yet the size is more than enough to give some picture and information about the hotel. There are still many good things to obtain from the flyers and these are effective to promote the hotel.

grand hotel flyer template ideas

Information in the Grand Hotel Flyer Design


Of course, when it is flyer to promote the hotel, it should have some information. These are to give proper introduction for the hotel. In this case, these points of information can become nice suggestion.


Pictures of hotels

Of course, pictures talk more than words. Having some pictures of facility or rooms is best way to introduce the hotel.


Services and facilities

Although pictures help a lot, there can be many services to offer and the information can included in the grand hotel flyer. Key facilities are also necessary to show.


Contact information

This is also very important. Contact information can be for reservation or questions. Website and social media can be included, so people have more access to know the hotel.

grand hotel flyer template sample

Grand Hotel Flyer Design Samples


In creating the design, there are many ways. Of course, each designer can have their own styles. However, sometimes it is not totally easy to get the fresh and good idea for the design. When it is also new hotel, there may not be flyer references. In this case, having some flyer samples is good to get the suggestion.


Having samples do not mean copy the design. The samples are to give some ideas and references of the design. That is why it is good to have more design samples. These can be good way to make comparisons, so there are many options of ideas to make better grand hotel flyer.

grand hotel flyer template design

Using the Grand Hotel Flyer Templates


In some conditions, having samples are enough to get inspiration. However, some people may still need other alternative and using the flyer template can become the good way. Flyer template can be so useful in creating the design.


Since there is already a template, people do not need to make the design from scratches. They already get the basic design, so the job can be easier. The template can be modified and changed to make it more attractive. People can get the desired design by changing the details and other parts in the template.

sample grand hotel flyer templates

Free Grand Hotel Flyer Template in PSD


The templates can be available in the app as the default features. However, default templates may be not enough due to limited designs. In fact, it is not big problem since there are other sources to get the flyer templates.


Templates can also be downloaded from website. Even, it is possible to get the free flyer templates and these are easy to download. Many kinds of designs can be picked and downloaded. Moreover, the file of templates is in PSD format. It allows people to easily modify the grand hotel flyer template by using Photoshop.

psd flyer template for grand hotel


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