3+ Simple Preschool Flyer Templates Ideas

Simple Preschool Flyer for Parents and Kids

Sending children to school is the first step into education life. At early age, parents enroll their children to attend preschool or kindergarten. This school provides education as prerequisite before entering elementary level. Many private preschools open in neighborhood. That’s why you should have simple preschool flyer as promotional and marketing media.

simple preschool flyer template ideas

Simple Preschool Flyer Main Design

Flyer is definitely for preschool or kindergarten because it has something that represents kids, education, and fun. Those things are important when you design simple preschool flyer. More exploration will be at the next list.

Bright and fun color

Flyer has purpose to attract more attention and viewer. That’s why you often see flyer with bright color. For kids and parents, such colors show that what to expect from preschool. Flyer must have fun color such as yellow, green, blue, and orange. You cannot put black or anything dark unless necessary.

Cute picture

This flyer is for marketing, but very subtle. You expect parents to send their children into preschool. To ensure they are in high interest, add picture and photo. Flyer for preschool usually has child photo and enjoyable atmosphere.


Easy to understand

Last part is flyer must be easy to understand. It is not flyer for selling car or computer. Words have to be arranged in simple structure. Moreover, you avoid something sounds exaggerating but keep subtle while promoting.

simple preschool flyer template sample

Simple Preschool Flyer Contents and Layout

The content and layout for simple preschool flyer is vary because you have few aspects to consider. You can make flyer for general purpose, mainly for preschool promotion. This flyer will be available every time the parents need information. On the other hand, some flyers are only for specific event or purpose. For example, the school creates flyer for admission session. In this case, you must check the calendar and timeline.

The contents have standard items like school name, class and level, support, admission, timeline, fee, and address. They are the basic things on flyer. School can add few additional items, including promotional statements. The composition has to be as simple as possible with less unnecessary contents. Parents will read flyer quickly, so the appearance should be enough to refer the entire content.

psd flyer template for simple preschool

Simple Preschool Flyer Samples

You can learn more about this flyer after checking few examples. Each school has unique design with attractive photo and background. In general, all flyers seem to be from the same template. Check more samples at below list.

Preschool flyer

Kindergarten flyer

Childcare flyer

Preschool event flyer

Preschool admission flyer

Kindergarten promotional flyer

As it mentioned above, preschool and kindergarten flyer is mostly similar. Some areas call the early school for children as preschool and other choose kindergarten. Some schools have event, such as art, music, charity, and exhibition. In this case, flyer is useful for sharing the information about such event.

sample simple preschool flyer templates

Simple Preschool Flyer Free Template

Files for simple preschool flyer are available in PSD format. You can download and edit easily. Moreover, the template is free, so you do not have to worry about fee and license. One template is enough for basic purpose. You can download more files to fulfill your needs and purposes.

simple preschool flyer template design

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