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Laundry Service Flyer Important Guidelines and Tips

It is difficult to compete with other laundry service hosts in your area. This industry is quite saturated because it is considered a steady source of income with a vast market. There is one way to get your business out there, which is to promote it using laundry service flyer. You can find various interesting templates in this website page.

Laundry Service Flyer Guidelines

What are the important guidelines that you need to follow when making your flyer?

  1. Fitting in as much information as you can

When making the laundry service flyer you need to fit as much information as you possibly can. It means the list of services provided and perhaps the price listing for your service. You also need to include your address (and branch if any). It might be hard due to space constraints, but this information would be the first thing people will look for.

  1. Being easy on the text

Even if you need to fit in plenty of information in the flyer, you should go easy on the text. People will not be interested in your flyer if it is filled with too much text. You can rely on pictures that depict your laundry service. That would reduce the amount of text that you need to include.

  1. Adding clear contact information

The contact information in the flyer must be clear. You must include your address, phone number, and even email address in the flyer. Sometimes people will contact the service immediately upon receiving the flyer, perhaps to propose questions. Thus, contact information that is well presented and ready to be contacted is important.

  1. Be professional

You should show your professionalism in the flyer. It can be shown through the flyer design and choice of wording. Your font should fulfill the professional standard. Professionalism is important since it will make people believe in your service more.

Laundry Service Flyer Distribution Tips

There are a few tips to distribute your laundry service flyer. The first tip is to distribute it to people who are likely to need it. Usually, you will find a better chance of distributing your flyers amidst a residential place of single professional workers. Unlike families, they will not have a lot of time to do their own laundry. They are also willing to splurge on laundry.

The second tip is to distribute your flyer around your service location. That will make it easier for your customers to drop and pick up their laundry because your place is not far from the residences. Unless you provide a pickup and delivery service, you should not go more than the 3 miles radius from the neighborhood.

Laundry Service Flyer Templates

There are templates that focus more on the listing of service. Some templates adopt a price listing style on its design. You can find the flyer in various color schemes; depending on what you aspire your business to look like.

Laundry Service Flyer Download PSD

On this page, you will find plenty of examples of in laundry service flyer PSD format. Once you have downloaded one of these templates, you are free to use it as you please. The template is editable if you have the right image editing tool. It is suggested that you adhere to the guidelines previously mentioned when trying to personalize the template.

laundry brochure Engineer ideas

laundry brochure Engineer

Sample laundry brochure

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