Guest Artist Flyer free psd template

Guest Artist Flyer Templates for Parties and Other Occasions


A guest artist flyer is often used to inform everyone that a party or gathering will be joined by a guest artist, whether it is a DJ or other types of musicians and performers. In order to make sure that everyone will attend the party and notice the guest artist, the flyers should be made as interesting as possible. Here is more information about making the flyers for you to read.


Choosing the Best Guest Artist Flyer


It is believed that a lot of guest artist flyer templates are available on the internet. Choosing the best one will be quite a problem if you have no idea how. Down below, the tips to choose the best templates for the flyer will be explained. Make sure you read them before downloading any templates so that the result won’t let you down.


  1. Using PSD Format

Even though there are numerous formats for flyers, PSD or the format for Photoshop is still the best. The editing tool is not hard to use and a lot of people, even those without previous graphic designing experience, will have no difficulties in operating Photoshop. This is why the format of that template is better to be PSD.

  1. Free Download

There are a lot of people who willingly submit their design for the flyers. They do not ask for money and thus you should not pay for it. Download the flyers template that you can get for free. Do not click that download button if it asks you to inform your credit card details or asking you to pay for anything.


DJ Guest Artist Flyer Templates


In most parties, especially the one with a lot of young people in it, DJ is the ultimate guest artist. This is why numerous people will get so excited when a DJ is about to perform at a party. The template of guest artist flyer over here can be used to inform everyone about the DJ performance at the party so that everyone is aware of the occasion.


Rap Guest Artist Flyer Templates


For a party with certain themes, sometimes the guest artists can be musicians related to the theme, too. If it is a rap party, the guest artist should be someone coming from the rap genre, too. This is the template you can use to inform everyone about the arrival of a rap guest artist.


Concert Guest Artist Flyer Templates


Usually, a concert will be opened by a guest artist before the main star of the show come up to the stage. The artist to open the concert deserves some announcements, too and this template over here can be used for that particular purpose.



Inviting guest artists is something huge for parties. It may cost a lot of money, too. This is why the publication must be made huge as well. Use those templates shown above to make sure that the artist’s performance in the party will be well-announced and a lot of people are going there watching the performance because they read the guest artist flyer.

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