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Simple Open House Flyer for the Effective Marketing

The real estate business involves many aspects. You will compete with others to attract potential clients. The closing deal is the purpose why the agent always tries to make an excellent simple open house flyer. The first impression has a significant impact before people buy a house. Therefore, the flyer should be simple, elegant, and informative.

psd simple open house flyer template

Simple Open House Flyer Design and Purpose

Flyer for open house business has few purposes. Firstly, it is for promotional media that you send or share to others. People receive a flyer and know what the product you offer. After that, the flyer becomes a reference regarding the product information. Clients will use detail to check, review, and inspect your house. That’s why the detail must be realistic and transparent.

You can use a template for preparing this kind of template. For regular people, creating fancy and reliable flyers is no a simple task. Even though the designer has the experience, open house or real estate flyers should follow some rules. Understanding the way this flyer is created will help to make a better one.

Simple Open House Flyer Format

A simple open house flyer has a standard format. Even though the design looks simple, you still need to put effort to arrange the contents properly. The next list gives insight into the format in this flyer.

  1. Headline

To attract potential clients, flyer definitely must have a fancy headline. As you can see, most real estate advertisements utilize headlines with boasting words. Keep headline as simple as possible but straight to point. The big word is useful as long as you provide relevant and reliable content.


  1. Description and pricelist

The core content in this flyer is a description and price list. You describe a house, apartment, building, and property. Make sure people can get basic information easily. After that, you add pricelist including discount or sale.


  1. Photos

One thing you cannot forget about the real estate flyer is the photo. In fact, this is the reason why people buy the house. Attractive photo is definitely important to be in this flyer. Moreover, you should put a realistic one or estimate what house looks like.


  1. Contact info

The last part is contact info such as phone number, email, and social media. If want to know more about real estate, clients know where to contact you directly.

Simple Open House Flyer Template Sample

Some samples will help to know what this flyer looks like. You often see open house advertisements nearby such stores, restaurants, markets, or any place where people can see easily. Real estate agents try so hard to expose their advertisements as much as possible. Today, you often see more digital flyers and banners on social media, websites, and other internet platforms. Here are the examples.

  1. Real estate flyer
  2. House advertisement flyer
  3. Apartment flyer
  4. House and property flyer

Simple Open House Flyer PSD Template

The template ensures you have a proper and reliable flyer for open house business or event. The design is various with bright colors, proper words, photo templates, etc. All templates are ready as free files, which you can download without paying any fee. Furthermore, the simple open house flyer relies on PSD format.

psd template for simple open house flyer

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