3+ Vintage Flyer customizable Templates Sample

Vintage Flyer Design and Template for Any Events

Some events use flyer for promotion. There are several ideas and themes to make sure people will know and participate to the event. For relevant flyer, you can choose the design based on event concept. Some people want to bring back the old memory and situation. For such event, you should consider making vintage flyer.

The vintage theme has been favorite choice today. Some styles are considered pioneer that people still enjoy until today. You can see some events with this kind of theme, such as music concert, sport, competition, game, talent show, car show, art and exhibition, etc. They are the examples of events that relevant to blend into vintage style.

vintage flayer template sample

Vintage Flyer Design and Concept

You can see flyer in old and vintage theme just from its design and appearance. Few things are the obvious signs that you must know regarding vintage flyer.

Old design

Old design in vintage theme is not just two or three years ago. For your information, vintage is commonly for the theme that came since 1950s until 1990s. There is no definite timeline, but one or two decades ago are considered vintage.


Unique theme

The theme in that time was unique. People started to implement concept to break the boundary. The technology was still old, but more reliable. Furthermore, you can tell the timeline just from its theme.


Medium tone color

One interesting part about vintage style and design is medium tone for color. It is rare for something bright because that’s the way the old thing looks like. Color represents aging, which means the theme is not from today.

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Vintage Flyer Components and Contents

The component for vintage flyer is similar to what flyer supposed to be. It has headline and title for impression. After that, you can see some contents, such as date, location, hosts, guest, venue, ticket, and others. The design and appearance are different but the components are relatively similar.

Creating flyer with vintage theme requires sense of time and trend. You can explore the trend in that time. It is important thing to do because you do not want the flyer looks bad, right? Flyer is the key point why people want to be in your event. One mistake has great impact especially if the event is dedicated for certain theme.

Vintage Flyer Sample and Template

Next section gives some samples commonly you see for this flyer. Most of them are from music and entertainment. Few of them are flyer that you see for restaurant and foods. In general, any flyer from old time is still considered vintage.

  • Music concert flyer
  • Sport vintage flyer
  • Old menu restaurant flyer
  • Product sale flyer
  • Promotion and marketing flyer
  • Car show flyer
  • Retro music performance flyer
  • Holiday and vacation flyer
  • Lunch and dinner flyer
  • Birthday vintage flyer

sample vintage flayer templates

Vintage Flyer PSD Template

Proper flyer with vintage theme requires great deal of skill and knowledge. You need to spend hours of time for researching and exploring. It takes time but there is solution. You can make vintage flyer based on PSD template. The design, composition, color, and content are already installed. You only need to edit and customize it to be your own flyer.

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