3+ Chalkboard Flyer Templates Sample

Chalkboard Flyer for Food, Parties, and Events

You can use chalkboard flyer for many purposes. This flyer uses unique design and theme that resembles the black chalkboard. It is like you write directly on that board. Some businesses and companies rely on this style for the creative and attractive flyer.

You should know that chalkboard design looks excellent if you implement it properly. The flyer is mostly in fields like food, beverage, party, event, celebration, service, music, and other entertainment event. Most of them are casual events where people can enjoy without restriction. That’s what chalkboard style supposed to be.

psd template for Chalkboard Flyer

Chalkboard Flyer Template for Food and Restaurant

Next section provides templates for chalkboard flyer in food and restaurant business. You often see them in your nearby food joint or restaurant.

Restaurant chalkboard flyer

Flyer with chalkboard style makes the restaurant look like kitchen in your house. The design is unique and artistic that’s easy to modify. You should try fonts that look like handwritten. The background uses black or dark tone.


Happy hours drink flyer

Bar, café, and club often provide special price during happy hours. To promote this offer, owner can rely on flyer that enlists the menu and price. The design is simple but enough to make happy hours flyer becomes more attractive.


Food menu flyer

The most common flyer with chalkboard style is food menu. It is very practical without losing the artistic aspect. It contains the list of menu, including illustration picture about what customer will get. This flyer can add extra information, such as price, contact info, address, and social media.


Lunch and dinner flyer

Lunch and dinner offers are common for restaurant. The flyer uses unique design to represent the lunch menu. You can make fine dining list in this flyer.

Chalkboard Flyer template sample

Chalkboard Flyer Sample For Party

Food and culinary theme is good with chalkboard flyer. Another theme you should consider is party. In fact, this theme can be side by side with bar and café. You just create one flyer for two purposes, which are party invitation and food offer. The examples of flyer for party are listed at below section.

Party chalkboard flyer

Birthday chalkboard flyer

Christmas chalkboard flyer

New year party flyer

Wedding invitation flyer

Halloween flyer

Costume party chalkboard flyer

sample Chalkboard Flyer templates

Chalkboard Flyer for Event

If you want unique idea for event flyer, chalkboard is definitely at the top consideration. Some events look attractive and elegant when you share the information via chalkboard style flyer. More list for them is at below section.

Basketball chalkboard flyer

Vintage flyer

School event

Music concert flyer

Chalkboard Flyer PSD Template

Tons of templates are ready to fulfill your needs. All of them have one style, which is chalkboard. From the list above, you now understand that one style can turn into various designs. Chalkboard flyer template uses PSD extension. This kind of formant is common for designer, illustrator, and anyone who works in graphic design. You do not need the advanced and professional skill to make reliable and attractive flyer. The template already has organized layer that’s easy to edit.

Chalkboard Flyer design psd Chalkboard Flyer design template

Chalkboard Flyer template design Chalkboard Flyer template example
Chalkboard Flyer template ideas

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