3+ Seminar Flyer Templates Ideas

Seminar Flyer for Various Themes and Topics

Flyer is right media to share seminar invitation. To prepare reliable seminar flyer, you should consider few aspects. You may create on your own but it takes time. Using template is the best option since it is ready file and easy to customize.

seminar flyer template ideas

Seminar Flyer Design and Layout

Seminar is mostly formal event. The design should be professional and official. You can use template with fix layout. On the other hand, some seminars are for less formal event. Entertainment industry, photography, and design graphic are the topics that often have seminar with fun atmosphere. Moreover, seminar for children and teenager should be relaxed and exciting. Therefore, you can tell whether the seminar is strict or fun just from its flyer.

Seminar Flyer Contents and Items

Each seminar flyer looks different because the theme, design, idea, concept, and topic are different. However, they have similarities regarding the content and items.

Headline and tittle

Every seminar always has title and headline. You know seminar is about marketing after reading its headline. This part is for first impression before people read more content. Title has to be relevant related to topic.


Seminar topic

Seminar topic is key factor that determines almost entire flyer. You choose design based on topic. You put content and other will consider topic. Add description, benefits, and offer that participants will obtain.


Place and date

Next content is time and location. Both are important part because you create seminar and will be held in certain place. Location is accessible and flyer can put map. Date and time have to accurate.


Additional information

Some flyers require more content such as contact info, email, social media, admission, fee, and other requirements. Make sure people know what to be done before attending seminar.

psd flyer template for seminar

Seminar Flyer and Several Samples

Seminar is common event when you want to obtain more knowledge and skills. You can find it in many areas, such as education, business, religion, social, science, marketing, politic, training, engineering, and other. Few samples are listed as reference at below section.

Business seminar flyer

Education seminar flyer

Marketing seminar

Property and real estate seminar

Health and medical seminar

Science seminar flyer

Training seminars

Upcoming event seminar

Home buyer seminar

Business meeting and conference

List above is only small examples of seminar flyer. You can find more seminars in your area. School and college are the best places if you want to know how the seminar works. They have various events, including seminar.

seminar flyer template sample

Seminar Flyer PSD Template

The flyer has to be the most attractive media to ensure many people to attend. This is not simple task, even for experience designer and professional flyer maker. If you have more budgets, hiring professional designer is fine. This situation might be not in your favor when your budget is limited.

This is when you choose the template for seminar flyer. In fact, most of designers have template whether from their creations or free files. You can have tons of designs without any fee. As long as you know how PSD extension works, creating flyer for seminar is not exhausted task anymore. You just focus on the content, not the technical aspect on design.

seminar flyer template design    sample seminar flyer templates

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