3+ Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Templates

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer for Various Events on the Special Day

To veterans or family of those who are involved in military, Memorial Day is a special day to celebrate. If you want to gather larger crowd for this solemn day, you can try giving out Memorial Day weekend flyer. Everything about creating this specific flyer would be elaborated in the following parts.

psd flyer template for memorial day weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Utilization

Memorial Day is an event when people are remembering those who have fallen while serving the United States military. This event is always celebrated in May’s last Monday. The day, although has solemn implication, serves as a mark for beginning of summer vacation. The flyer is used to invite people into event held to celebrate this day.

There are various events related to this holiday. Some people use it for incoming summer discount, memorial celebration, and even a church service. Thus, the Memorial Day weekend flyer is utilized depending on the purpose that one wants to achieve in the flyer. This, your design should be able to match what the objective is.

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Design Ideas

Let’s take a look at some nice design ideas you can use in your flyer.

Simple text style

Sometimes simple text style flyer design is effective. Usually you will only add small amount of text onto the flyer which contains necessary information about the event being held. You need to make the design interesting by incorporating few colors together into the design. The choice of font is also important because it is all what the audience will see.

American flag theme

Since it is a national holiday, it would be fitting to have the theme looking like an American flag. It means that the design should have similar color scheme with predominant blue and red combination. In some designs, the Memorial Day weekend flyer even includes stars. That makes the design more wholesome.

Graphic dominant template

You can also use design that is more graphic dominant. The idea is replacing as much text possible by using photographs. This design is indeed interesting. Sometimes you will see combination of this style with the American flag one.

memorial day weekend flyer template design

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Making Process

How can you make a great flyer to celebrate this event? The first thing that you need to do is making sure that you know what the event is about. Thus, you can plan the color choices and layout of your flyer. Once that is done, the content of your flyer can be prepared. If you already arrange the layout, process to fill the flyer with crucial information should not be difficult.

You will be better off if adding photograph related to your event. It is possible to use stock photos for this case since they are readily available. The finishing details should include date and place where the event would be held. You also need to add contact information.

memorial day weekend flyer template sample

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Template PSD

If you are thinking to make the special time more known by distributing flyer, you have come to the right website page. You will find various Memorial Day weekend flyer templates here. All templates are available in PSD format which means that once you have the file downloaded into your device, you can edit it using a specific program. The templates in this page are free of charge.

sample memorial day weekend flyer templates  memorial day weekend flyer template ideas

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