5 Minimal Real Estate Flyer Templates

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Template and Its Contents

Real estate business is one of promising ways to obtain more money. You can become an agent or realtor. People look for new place and you offer your service. To attract clients, the flyer is definitely an effective promotional media. You can choose the niche market that focuses on minimalist style. For such purpose, you definitely should have minimal real estate flyer.

minimal real estate flyer template design

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Main Design

In general, all flyers related to real estate is quite similar. You will see big headline with engaging words. After that, there is photo alongside the detail. Some flyers put more colors and background to make the design full covered. On the other hand, the flyer may be simple with less color, but the content is straightforward.

The design for minimal real estate flyer utilizes business and professional style. Well, selling or renting a property is not casual transaction. Everything has the rules, regulations, and contract. If the flyer looks casual, people think your business is a joke. Of course, there is small portion of exception, but taking a risk is not the thing you have to consider when advertising this business.

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Composition and Content

Many flyers have attractive design and appearance. They look different but the basic outline and composition is similar. Three things you often find in minimal real estate flyer are:

Business name and headline

This flyer has business name alongside the headline or vice versa. This part is the thing people see immediately when reading flyer. You need to choose the words professionally before adding them into flyer headline.


Property detail and price

Flyer has the key content, which is property itself. You should describe this part as detailed and simple as possible. After that, put the photo and price. Photo is the key factor why agent can get more clients.


Address and contact info

The last part is information that client or customer can contact. Add phone number, email, social media, etc. This part includes address and location.

minimal real estate flyer template ideas

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Template Sample

Some samples will support your knowledge to understand this kind of flyer. The design and layout are definitely what the real estate flyer must have. You often see more readymade flyers from various sources. Here are the examples.

Real estate flyer

House real estate flyer

Apartment flyer

Property flyer

sample minimal real estate flyer templates

Minimal Real Estate Flyer Template Benefits

You choose the readymade template for this flyer due to some reasons. In fact, most real estate agents and companies often use the template. The benefits will be explained at the next list.


One template is enough for similar task and project. You have editable file with PSD extension. This file has organized layers that consist of text, color, photo, effect, and background. You just replace the photo with your own.



The template looks simple but the design is professional. You can have real estate flyer that looks professional even though the design comes from free template. Moreover, professional flyer makes your business more credible.


Free template

The last benefit of minimal real estate flyer template is free. The company has budget to hire professional designer. On contrary, personal agent and realtor does not have much money to allocate it into this one. As solution, free template will be the best way to make reliable flyer with professional look.

psd flyer template for minimal real estate    minimal real estate flyer template sample

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