3+ Sofa Mega Sale Flyer template

Sofa Mega Sale Flyer for Attracting More Customers

One of popular furnishings is sofa that you always find in many houses and apartments. Few people have chair for the seating place but sofa seems to be the most reliable one. Selling sofa is ordinary business since the market is very competitive. You must put extra effort, such as offering the mega sale. To attract more buyers and clients, sofa mega sale flyer is definitely the thing you must create.

sofa mega sale flyer template ideas

Sofa Mega Sale Flyer Design and Concept

You are free to make any file for that mega sale. The design can be formal, less official, or casual. Well, sofa has many types and designs. You should adjust the flyer design based on the product quality and description. Premium sofa should have elegant design even though people can afford via mega sale. Therefore, the design and concepts are side by side with the product level.

Sofa Mega Sale Flyer Contents

Flyer has one purpose, which is promotion. You may consider items in that flyer to support that purpose. The list of contents for sofa mega sale flyer is explained at the following section.

Sale headline

You often see flyer that has fancy words, such as big sale or anything similar. That is the sale headline to create the first impression. People tend to read more after knowing the sale will give benefits. Therefore, the headline can take up to half of flyer layout.


List of product and specs

Headline is not enough without product description. You have to explain what sales for and list of products regarding that sale. The detail is option if you think the product list is enough.


Photo and documentation

Everyone knows what sofa looks like. However, having photo or picture has great impact. Research showed significant result to people when seeing the flyer with impressive photo. For your information, they expect the product to be similar to what have been posted.


Price and discount

The sale has the key factor to be success. You cannot ignore pricing and discount. The only reason you make sofa sale flyer is your business can afford selling in lower price. Therefore, this part determines whether people will visit and buy or not.


Timeline and contact info

Sale commonly has timeline, such as end of year, weekend, 30 days, or anything similar. You need to put date and time as clear as possible. It prevents miscommunication when the sale time is finished.

sofa mega sale flyer template sample

Sofa Mega Sale Flyer Sample And Template

You may compare one template and others to understand sofa mega sale flyer. Vendor, stores, and seller can add other products or create bundle. For example, you can make sofa as the key product in mega sale including the table and chair. More samples are listed at below section.

Furniture sale flyer

Weekly and monthly sofa deal

End-year sofa sale

Special sofa discount

psd flyer template for sofa mega sale

Sofa Mega Sale Flyer PSD Template

Preparing flyer takes time especially if you have limited budget for promotion. You may choose template because it is free and easy to customize. All files are ready to fulfill your sale flyer. The template incorporates PSD extension. This is common platform that most people know. You should have at least Photoshop app before editing sofa mega sale flyer.

sample sofa mega sale flyer templates

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