3+ Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer Templates

Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer for Food Service and Restaurant

Special day is always the best moment to increase profit and sales. If you are in food and restaurant business, thanksgiving is perfect day for new menu and offer. You can provide lunch with special menu. To spread and share your offer, thanks giving lunch flyer is what you must prepare.

thanks giving lunch flyer design psd

Lunch is common dining for people every day. In holiday, having lunch with friends becomes the rare moment. You only have this chance in thanksgiving. Therefore, the lunch has to be in proper restaurant with excellent dining. This demand is very high that makes the business sales increase significantly.

Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer Main Design

The design has various themes from simple to the complex and attractive one. If your restaurant is relatively popular, simple design is enough as long as you put the menu and price list. On contrary, the design has to be attractive and more appealing. This kind of design is suitable for special offer that people will not get from other restaurants.

Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer Template and Contents

Flyer for this kind of lunch has to be attractive and relevant. Restaurant or food joint only gives menu that’s specifically for thanksgiving. To know about the contents, you can explore the next sections.

Thanksgiving lunch offer

The offer in thanks giving lunch flyer is in its headline. It is similar to flyer for sale. You just add big and bold words that make people interest. Of course, the lunch offer is related to thanksgiving moment.

Timeline and menu

Thanksgiving does not come every day. It makes people sacrifices their time to enjoy proper lunch. You can put timeline regarding lunch offer. It may be a week, a month, or just at specific time. After that, you can give menu to customers. Make sure the menu has realistic photo.

Location and price

You cannot forget about address and price. Popular restaurants still write the location in flyer. People surely want to know where to obtain the thanksgiving lunch immediately.

thanks giving lunch flyer design template

Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer Samples

At the following list, you will see several samples for thanks giving lunch flyer. Each is unique but still has the same theme, which is thanksgiving. Some of them are for general lunch, and the rest is dedicated for special occasion. Here are the samples.

Simple thanks giving lunch flyer

Thanks giving invitation flyer

Thanks giving restaurant flyer

Thanks giving club lunch flyer

Thanks giving holiday

Family lunch offer flyer

Fast food lunch flyer

From the list about, you see that flyer is not just for regular lunch. You can invite family and friends into fine dining even though during lunchtime. In fact, the lunch is perfect time because you have more time to enjoy. Furthermore, people can order the next meal after the lunch is over. This situation is different if you pick the dining at night.

thanks giving lunch flyer template example

Thanks Giving Lunch Flyer PSD Template

You do not have to worry about the design and theme. Some templates for thanks giving lunch flyer will be helpful to make reliable flyer. You just choose the design and customize it easily. The files utilize PSD extension.

psd thanks giving lunch flyer template thanks giving lunch flyer design ideas

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