3+ Wedding Planner Flyer Templates

Free Wedding Planner Flyer Templates to Download


Working as wedding planner can become nice job. Your job is very specific since you are going to help the couples to plan and organize their wedding. Of course, your creativity is necessary in this job. Moreover, you will also need wedding planner flyer as the media to promote and publish your new job. This can become easy yet effective way to make promotion and marketing and it will not take much effort to do it.

wedding planner flyer design template

Wedding Planner Flyer Ideas


You need to have marketing media since you need to introduce your business. That is why you need the flyers. Of course, there are many simple yet attractive ideas to try, and these are some of the ideas regarding the pictures to use in your flyer.



Of course, since it is wedding, you can pick the picture of couple as the picture for your flyer. Bride and bridegroom is perfect model for the image in the design.


Then, you can also use flowers. Roses or lilies can become your option. These are still related to the marriage and wedding. Of course, it is also good for your design when you can also have good color combination.


Your own design

Those two pictures or images are only references. Some flyers also do not use any picture. They offer nice layout with color combination and font choices to deliver the basic information regarding the wedding planner services.

psd wedding planner flyer template

Wedding Planner Brochures


Flyers are so popular since it is quite simple to use. It is only a piece of paper and it is not big enough, so those who get the flyers still can keep it in their bag or other place easily and they will get the chance to read the information. In addition to flyers, there is also brochure.


This is actually like flyers. However, flyers are made into single page, while usually brochures will be divided into some folds as its page. The size is also simple, yet the design may be quite different from wedding planner flyer since it has different layout.

wedding planner flyer design ideas

Wedding Planner Flyer Template in PSD


In creating the design of flyer, you are able to use many apps. Even, some apps for processing documents may also be picked. However, when you want to get full features to help you, editing and designing app is necessary and Photoshop is the app to choose.


This app can help you to make any kinds of designs, including the wedding planner flyer template. When you work with this app, you will be familiar with the format of PSD. This is the format of files saved by this app. With this type of extension, you get the access to modify the design in the future.

wedding planner flyer design psd

Free Download Wedding Planner Flyer


Regarding the format of PSD file, you should also pay attention to this format when you are going to look for design template. In case you get some obstacles in creating the design, actually you are able to find alternative solution by downloading the template.


Downloading the template becomes good solution since you do not need to make designs from the starts. You already get templates, and you only need to modify and change the files. Of course, you can download the wedding planner flyer template easily and even you are able to get the free access to download it.

wedding planner flyer template example


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