3+ Job Fair Flyer Templates

Job Fair Flyer to Lure in More Jobseekers

Although there are a large number of jobseekers out there, not every job seeking fair held gains many visitors. You still need to promote your event in order to attract as many visitors as possible, because your clients (companies) would be appeased. You can create job fair flyer for this task.

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Job Fair Flyer Advantages

There are several advantages of using this flyer to promote your event. The first is the fact that you can reduce the production cost of making promotional contents. You will find it cheaper to print out your flyers than to place advertisements on radio or television. Moreover, you can opt to distribute the flyer digitally through social media. That way you do not need to pay for advertisement cost.

You can also reach more audience if you are using a flyer. If you manage to direct your campaign to a place where many people gather, the target of your promotion would be wider. Using social media will also help you reaching larger audience.

Job Fair Flyer Important Contents

What are the most important contents should be presented in the job fair flyer?

Time and location

You must write the exact information about when and where the job seeking fair is going to be held. Nobody wants to spend time and effort promoting just to have few turn ups in such event. Thus, you have to put this information with great details so nobody will miss out.

Participating companies

It is also important for you to include the list of companies participating in the fair. By presenting this information, you are not only helping the participants to prepare better for their target company. Including information about participating companies also serves as promotion. People would be likely to visit an event that has more participating companies, especially the bigger one.

Highlights of activities

Highlights of activities must be included in the flyer too. You can add information such as seminars that would be held or on the spot interview by company’s representatives. This will provide gist to participant about activities within the fair.

Additional details

The flyer also needs to include details such as dress code and documents to be prepared. If you are listing this information into your flyer, people will have more positive experience while visiting your jo seeking fair.

psd flyer template for job fair

Job Fair Flyer Professional Guides

The guideline for making the job fair flyer has an objective: the flyer must look legitimate, professional, and inviting. Thus, you need to choose professional design but also interesting. The color scheme should be neutral and elegant. Your font choice should also reflect that.

Job Fair Flyer Template PSD

By following the guides above, you will be able to create a job fair flyer that can attract more crowds. However, it is understandable that you probably would not have time to create a flyer from zero point in the midst of fair preparation. Thus, you can use templates that can be found in this web page. The templates can be downloaded without fee. You can edit the PSD file using a photo editing app on your computer.

sample job fair flyer templates

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