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Ice Cream Flyer to Make Customers Flock around Your Shop

Making your ice cream business more known to public is a challenge on itself. Some promotional methods such as free tasting cannot last for long time. Why don’t you try the classic promotional method, which is handing out ice cream flyer to people around your area. It is more affordable and the outreach rate is high.

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Ice Cream Flyer Tips

Do you want a flyer that will make people come into your shop and trying out different selections of ice cream flavor there? You have to create an interesting flyer that accentuates the highlights of your shop. The first tip to do that is coming up with interesting logo. Your shop’s logo needs to be placed at the upper center of the flyer.

The second tip would be to use interesting photograph of your products or your shop. It is recommended to use real photos instead of stock ones you can find freely on the internet. That way, when customers come into your shop, they will be presented by the real thing. The photo needs to be high quality too.

Ice Cream Flyer Design Samples

Here are some interesting design samples for an ice cream flyer.

Classic high-end

If your shop adopts classic and high-end concept, you should deliver such vibe in the promotional flyer. It is important to choose color scheme that is similar to the design of your shop. Combination of black and gold is quite popular these days. However, you should definitely design your flyer to look original.

Disco retro

Many ice cream parlors employ the retro concept and even if yours has similar concept, you should still come up with something unique. You can actually apply unique retro pattern to your flyer background. If not, the photos included in the flyer can be edited to have retro vibe filter.

Pastel cafe

Pastel style is also on the rise these days. Creating flyer with this theme is easy but can be a little bit tricky. You rely on washed out light colors for most of your design. The text tends to be less conspicuous too. Thus, it is easy for people to forget your flyer. The best way to tackle this issue is to add contrast in the form of vivid color accents.

Vibrant colored

Just like pastel style design exists, the vibrant colored one also exist. Many people want to channel the brightness of youth by choosing such concept. You should be careful when mixing and matching these bright colors. Sometimes, the color will heavy contrast each other. The tip is making the vibrant color only as background while ensuring the flyer is more photo and text heavy.

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Ice Cream Flyer Steps

Here are the steps to create ice cream flyer.

  • Layouting the flyer (includes placement plan).
  • Choosing background color.
  • Add the shop’s logo.
  • Placing content and photos according to initial plan.

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Ice Cream Flyer File PSD

Creating an ice cream flyer that will surely make people flocking around your shop should not be hard. You can use one of the templates available in this page. Whether you need a colorful bubblegum flyer, retro style, or even the fancy kind, you are going to find what you need in here. These templates are in downloadable PSD form. You can easily edit the template to further suit your shop’s style.

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