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Training Certificate Template for Courses Completion

For those who run a course, providing the training certificate is quite important. Well, the training certificate is a document that shows that the holder has taken specific training completely. Through the training certificate template, you will be easier to make it.

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The template of the training certificate can be a helper for you. It provides the default scheme that shows the arrangements and contents of the certificate. It means you just need to follow it in creating the certificate.

training certificate in photoshop

However, you still need to know the detailed matters of the training certificate, so making a good certificate can be handled maximally. For those who are curious about this idea, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Benefits of Training Certificate

Something that you need to know, these are some benefits of the training certificate, which can be the reason why making it is important. The training certificate can be a document to gain a competitive advantage. It means the holder of the training certificate will get a better ability.

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On another hand, the training certificate is also useful to increase efficiency. Through the training certificate, of course, the holder can be seen as having a specific ability. When it comes to the job interview, the interviewer can use it as the base information of the potential employee.

Basic Information Inside Training Certificate

To make a good training certificate, these are some basic information that should be added there. Of course, through the basic information inside the training certificate, this document could represent the information of the holder.

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Well, some information to be included inside a training certificate is:

  • Name of a person who becomes the holder of the training certificate
  • Name of the facility or institution that provides the training certificate
  • Course, training, or the detailed trial that completed by the person just to be prerequisite to get the training certificate
  • Official signature and date of the training certificate

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It is the standard information to be included inside the training certificate. However, you can find the samples of it to get more detailed information to be written.

Tips to Make a Good Training Certificate

These are also some tips to be known to make a good training certificate. First, the information inside the training certificate should clear and concise. It means you just need to write relevant information there and write all information to the point.

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On another hand, the information inside the training certificate also should be readable. Use the correct font size and type to write the information of it, especially the name of the holder.

training certificate template free psd

Since the training certificate in common will be printed, the kind of paper also should be thought. Here, try to find a good paper with a better thickness. This paper will be useful to provide a durable training certificate.

Training Certificate Template PSD Files

These are some samples of the training certificate template on this page that can be your guidance. All templates are free to download and it is available on the PSD files. You can scroll the samples down and click the download button to save it on your drive.

training certificate example psd design

Sample Training Certificate Template

training certificate free download psd training certificate free psd template

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