Senior Marketing Manager Job Description


We are in search of an experienced Senior Marketing Manager to help us run the business and make sure that the operation runs well. The manager will be responsible for monitoring, managing, and overseeing the company’s marketing section and its staff. The individual has to make sure that the team has done effective work in promoting and introducing the company, along with the products or service, while targeting the right target market during the campaigns at the same time.

The manager has the responsibility to keep and inspire the teams, motivate, and also encourage their innovation and creativity. It is possible that the manager will have to take carge of supervising and monitoring the public relations and sales departments because these departments are the ones often involved with the marketing section.

The manager supervises and monitors the marketing team, and usually report to the Marketing Director. Because of this role, the Senior Marketing Manager has the role in the middle management level. This is definitely a crucial role for the success of the company and the business in whole.

Job’s Responsibilities and Duties

  • Obtain and conduct market research, like the newest consumers’ trend and the most crucial needs. This can be done by conducting surveys or analyzing business reports. It may include interpreting the data too
  • Create target market and audience and then promote and build campaigns to meet the target
  • Plan, manage, and implement market techniques and also strategies. It may cover reaching out to another and new target market, creating brand images (possibly changing them too), and creating budgets to predict the expenses
  • Organize and manage the right teams to distribute the task and then oversee the outcome (and also progress). The manager should observe and monitor the condition to find out whether the strategies are successful
  • Create marketing plan and then analyze the results
  • Make reports of marketing team performance and ability in implementing the plans – including which people who have the most contribution and the ones who have the least
  • Able to identify talents and place them in the right place suitable with their abilities and skills

Skills, Qualifications, and Requirements

  • Possess a good interpersonal skill with creative minds
  • Motivated individual with strong managerial and leadership ability
  • Have an impressive communication skill in both written and verbal form
  • Possess the knowledge, skill, and experience in analyzing data and then interpreting it
  • Understand and have the experience in planning and implementing marketing and sales strategies
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Management, Marketing, or other similar fields. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Experienced in creating budgets and implementing them to gain the best results
  • Have a past experience in Marketing, Sales, Management, or other related field. Any past experience in senior position or managerial level will be a plus


Further discussion of salary, benefits, and bonuses will take place during the interview

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV and a resume to: before November 5th. A cover letter instead a resume will be acceptable.

Senior Marketing Manager Job Description
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