Marketing Project Manager Job Description


Our brand, Chic Style, is looking for a professional and expertise Marketing Project Manager to join the board. Our company is growing and it has shown trend for the last 5 years. We are in search of a qualified manager to help us with the marketing and management.

The main responsibility of the manager is to plan, design, manage, and implement projects in relation to the marketing campaigns. The person will have to turn and transform the strategist vision (and mission) into reality. The manager will have to identify all of the needed tasks for completion within the campaign and then distribute the tasks to each team members strategically. It takes someone who is able to recognize and identify each person’s strength and ability to handle the assigned job.

This is a supervisory role because the manager will have to manage boh projects and people. It usually works in the office although it is possible that they have to do some field tasks to see the real condition and situation – although the latter is quite rare and not very often. The manager usually works within the in-house marketing department or a marketing agency.  We are looking forward to increasing our sales numbers so it is crucial that we choose the right candidate to help us streamline the tasks and responsibilities.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage, design, create, implement, and oversee marketing strategies or methods that can help with the company’s growth and improvement.
  • Work together with Media or Marketing Manager to create and design a campaign’s strategic vision.
  • Create and map out the needed tasks or marketing campaigns to make sure that the final goal or objective is met. Making sure that the marketing vision is made come true is one of the tasks
  • Create, design, and manage the content calendar. All marketing campaigns would require a regular and continuous content strategy. Since everything is usually managed digitally, blog contents, blogs posts, or digital advertisements will be involved. The manager is responsible for creating the calendar to make sure that they have covered social media post or marketing material
  • Make sure that content delivery is done and delivered according to the calendar and within an on-time manner.
  • Work together with designers and writers to create contents. Since digital marketing contents are crucial, maintaining a positive relationship with the writers or designers is crucial
  • Create and manage the budgets and timeline. It takes someone who is familiar with budgeting and make sure that all of the projects go along with the budgets. It is crucial to make sure that everything goes according to the timeline.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess the adaptable skill that can combine both practical and theoretical matters
  • Have a past experience in Business, Marketing, Project implementation, or other managerial positions
  • Possess a good organizational and leadership skill
  • Have the expertise and knowledge with financial management or budgeting
  • Possess the ability to identify other people’s ability and skill to make sure that work distribution and delegation will run smoothly

Interested applicants can send their CV and a resume to: It shouldn’t be later than July 1st.

Marketing Project Manager Job Description
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