Restaurant Operations Manager Job Description

We are currently seeking for an experienced Restaurant Operations Manager to help us with the overall management and implementation. Our brand, Healthy Eating, has managed to gain positive feedbacks from customers as well as a warm welcome with the establishment of our restaurant. In our sixth years of existence in the industry, we are opening a third restaurant in Ontario, Canada. For that matter, we are in search of a qualified and professional Restaurant Operations Manager to help us with the establishment.

The manager is typically working within an environment where the brand or the name has multiple coffee shops, food service, and restaurants. The manager will be based on the regional level so the candidate should be (and be willing to be) stationed in Ontario. The individual will be responsible for managing the restaurants’ operational aspects, such as staffing, staff training, supply purchase, and budgeting. In the end, the manager will have to deal with the operational efficiency of the restaurants as well as the profitability sector.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create, design, and manage all the activities around the restaurants, such as recruiting the right employees or personnel, make orders for the supply, make schedules for workers, create budgets (and make sure to stay within the limit), and such thing alike
  • Interact, connect, and communicate with different kinds of people, such as clients, employees, vendors, and suppliers
  • Create and maintain good relationship with everyone (vendors, clients, etc) to make sure that the supply will remain stable and the restaurant doesn’t suffer from a lack of supplies
  • Come up with solutions or answers in relation to customers’ complaint, feedbacks, or concerns
  • Create and oversee budgeting, while making sure that everything goes along the limited budgets
  • Make orders, check supplies, and maintain contractual agreements with vendors and suppliers
  • Make sure that they hire the appropriate staff or employee with their skills and qualifications
  • Hire, recruit, train, and monitor the employees to make sure that they deliver the perfect service that goes along with the restaurants’ regulations and policies
  • Make sure that the restaurant complies with the safety standard and hygienic food preparation. It includes making sure that the restaurant, as well as the surrounding premise, is clean, sterile, and comfortable.

Qualifications, Requirements, and Skills

  • Bachelor degree in Hospitality, Food Management, or other related fields.
  • Have at least a high school diploma with past experience of working in the managerial or senior position for at least 5 years is liked
  • Have a past (and direct) experience in Food Management or Restaurant Business, or other related fields
  • Possess the ability to identify one’s talent and to distribute the tasks to the right people
  • Fluent and familiar with budget creation, as well as the ability to make reports regarding the use
  • Able to make reports regarding to the condition of the restaurant – progress or set back
  • Possess a positive attitude that exudes encouraging and inspiring vibes

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their cover letter and CV to: not later than November 15th. Please include a recent photo in the CV.

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