Stock Manager Job Description


Our growing brand is in search of a professional and dedicated Stock Manager to join our company. The Stock Manager will have to take care of supply maintenance as well as inventory demand. The individual will have to make sure that enough stocks are always available. The person will also have to make sure that stock delivery and purchases, as well as shipping confirmations are running smoothly. He/she will be responsible for managing the inventory balances.

Basically, the manager’s main task is to maintain and keep track of the inventory. The ideal manager will need to have the ability to complete the inventory database, as well as completing it. The person will have to deal with supply documentation as well. Besides the administrative and database-related work, the individual will need to work directly on the field or the ground floor to personally receive, inspect, and confirm supply – as well as checking them whether they meet the delivery deadline and quality standard.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Make sure that the supplied stocks meet the demand
  • Deal with inventory and shipping data. It includes entering the information in the computer system or company’s database
  • Prevent over ordering and overstocking
  • Verify and check receipts as well as confirming the purchased contents. It includes making sure that all orders have been completed and nothing is left behind
  • Remove the inventory from the delivery shipment trucks or containers
  • Manage the purchasing orders for the upcoming services, supplies, and equipment
  • Create, manage, and check inventory reports along with the supply balances
  • Make sure that all supplies and inventory are in a safe number
  • Keep track of any inventory needs for restocking
  • Create, develop, and oversee plans for the services, supplies, and equipment
  • Create, document, and maintain detailed records of the inventory – all kinds of them, including the outgoing, incoming, and the current supplies
  • Prepare the supply or inventory for shipping and delivery
  • Make sure that the correct inventory is being placed or loaded to the correct delivery vehicle
  • Track and make sure that deliveries are well received
  • Create documents and notes concerning damaged inventory
  • Create, manage, and maintain records for pricing, purchases, and other crucial data

Qualifications, Requirements, and Skills

  • Bachelor degree in Management, Business, or other related fields. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have a past experience as a Stock Receiver or Stock Controller for at least 2 years. Any familiarity or past experience in senior position is also acceptable
  • Fluent and familiar with computer programs and operations, including MS Office especially Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Possess a good communication skill both in written and verbal forms
  • Physically fit and healthy
  • Be able to stay active and move around quite a lot
  • Should go through background check and drug test – and pass them
  • Have a good leadership and organizational skill
  • Have a positive attitude that can support, inspire, and encourage others

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV and a cover letter to: before August 18th. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable.

Stock Manager Job Description
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