Junior Project Manager Job Description


We are in a search of an ambitious and dedicated Junior Project Manager to join the board, as well as helping us with the work flow. The manager will be responsible in helping the management (and also arrangement) of different kinds of projects while providing suggestions and advice to the Project Management regarding the organizations and companies. The manager will be responsible for coordinating and managing schedules and projects as well as tracking the progress and reporting the results.

The Junior Manager is generally working with the Senior Project Manager under his/her direct supervision. The capacity is as an assistant but don’t underestimate its crucial role. Without the Junior Manager, the person will have to deal with some crucial aspects and job load. Moreover, the individual will have to deal with software development or engineering quire often. However, this depends on the job requirements and the type of company (along with the work load).

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Help the Senior Project Manager. The main task of a Junior Manager is to help the Senior Manager. The tasks can be various, such as maintaining contact with clients, answering concerns and questions, performing clerical duties, entering project data, and preparing presentation
  • Create and design project plans. It includes developing a detailed and concrete plan related to project, including the budgets, the schedules, the duties outline of each member, set the project’s timeline, and identify project goals.
  • Work together and interact with different teams or departments. It includes attending meetings to present the project ideas and develop the plan.
  • Monitor and oversee the projects’ progress. it includes making check and monitoring the progress whether it meets the deadline, remains on track, goes on track, or stays under the budgets.
  • Make sure that the project objectives aren’t only identified but also met
  • Report the project results. Together with Senior Project Manager, the Junior Manager is collecting documents and paperwork and then reporting them to the related (and appropriate) parties, such as executives management and clients. Whether the projects are late because of some obstacles or they meet the deadlines, everything should be reported for update and improvement

Skill, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Able to do multitasking work under a stressful and often challenging situation
  • Possess an excellent communication skill both on written and verbal form
  • Able to quickly adapt to the changing situation and circumstances
  • Bachelor degree in relevant fields, such engineering, civil, and such thing alike
  • Have a past experience in managerial position or in the project setting
  • Possess a good managerial and leadership ability
  • Have an in-depth knowledge and familiarity with MS Office. Any knowledge or familiarity with other programs or software will be an advantage
  • Have a direct experience and knowledge of industry-specific setting


Further details about salary and benefits will be discussed during the interview

Interested candidates who believe in their skills and qualifications are encouraged to send their application letter, a CV, and a resume to: jobs@grownbond.com before March 27th. Write ‘Junior Project Manager’ on the subject to make the screening process easier. Otherwise, the email will be discarded.

Junior Project Manager Job Description
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