42+ Free Download Seating Chart Template for Any Kind Of Event

For an event organizer, especially wedding organizer, planning a seating chart is something crucial to creating a nice look with simple and easy ways to access. This is related to the latest dinner service which this should easy to access as well for the catering staff. And yes! This is an overwhelming task. Hence, you will need the seating chart template to help you organize the venue in a perfect way.

What Is Seating Chart?

The seating chart helps you visualize the people in the event especially if you assign the unique names as well as numbers for setting a large of groups. Generally, the seating arrangement will represent the location and the relation of the guest with the party host.

How To Utilize A Seating Chart Template?

Using a seating chart eases you arranging the venue, but you still have to consider the following tricks so your arrangement will have a nice look.

Pick The Table Shapes

It is important to pick the table shapes which is a gambling. First, this will give you a nice look. Second, this will be a total disaster if you pick the wrong size and shape. In a wedding party, there are four options you have to consider; rectangle, square, oval and round. For instance, you can pick the rectangular tables because it is easy to talk across for your guess. Meanwhile, if you want more leg room, the roundtable is more suited. Once you have decided, you need to calculate the number of tables and chairs you need as you know the number of guests who will come to the party.

Set The Tables Based on The Relation

It is important to set the tables based on the guest’s relationship with the host. Always place mutual friends and their dates together which is usually placed in the third-best tables. The first one is for the host (who has the party), second is for the closest relatives of the house and the third is for the guest. It is suggested also to group your guest based on the relation by figuring it out from the seating chart template.

Making Separate Table Kids? Why Not!

Arranging separate tables for kids is a good thing that they can do everything they want. However, make sure not to set the table too far from the parent’s seat because they often get anxious and it also helps their parents to monitor their children.

Floor Plan

Make sure you give the VIPs guest best seats which it will enable them to view all of the actions. Besides, consider the guests who are using wheelchairs that should be seated closer to the edge of the room and make sure they have a spacious way to move. Place them near the door or toilet is a good thing.

Aside from the above usage, there are many benefits to using seating chart templates. You can use it for a classroom, workshop, birthday party, and many things. Download our seating chart templates for free on this page!

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