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Reading can stimulate the brain to develop strong imagination and enlarge, especially kids, the vocabulary mastery and train it to a long time learning. The benefits don’t stop there which this also increase the concentration as well as the analytic skill. Therefore, at a very early age, reading becomes the critical point for kids and the best way to make them get accustomed to this activity is giving them a lot of book assignment. But, as an adult, we need to track their record and make sure they really read the books. How? It is done by print out the book report template and asks them to write their activity there.

What Is A Book Report and Why Do We Need It?

A book report is basically a tool to record the kids’ reading activity. The task is simple. In this book report template, the students or kids should answer some basic questions about the book. It is expected to make them understand what the book is talking about. Besides, there are some basic details that should be filled including the author of the books, the title, the character of the books and the events. Sometimes, some book report also provides questions related to the characters to make sure the students understand it.

As a teacher or a parent, you can give the students/kids worksheet consisting simple questions with the multiple options to answer. For kids who are still learning to read, the worksheet can consist of the characters, the place, time and the author and also it could be what the story is all about. Give your kids a reading time, so they will enjoy and go down in the book.

The main purpose of writing a book report is to introduce the students how to process an information from the book. At first, this task might be very difficult, but when we encourage them to be resilient, they will love it.

The most important thing to keep their courage of reading is giving them variative book types so they will not get bored. Or, simply you can ask your kids to pick their wish list every time they finish reading a book.

How To Make A Simple Report Book?

A simple report book for kids doesn’t have to be with a list of complicated questions. You can begin with simple questions that related to the information about the book, for example:

  • The Author of the book – who wrote the book?
  • Characters – the list of characters who get involved in the book.
  • Plot – It doesn’t have to be a complicated plot, instead students can answer what happened in the book, why there are a fight and others.
  • The impression – ask the students whether they like the book or not.

Sometimes, it can be very easy to encourage the students to keep reading. You can do interviews with them and ask them what happens inside the book as well as their impression with it. Sometimes, you can also ask them to join the simple game related in the class.


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