55+ The Importance of A Notarized Letter and How To Get It

In the era of many frauds and scammers, validating a document is the utmost step to do to protect your important assets and yourself when making certain agreement from the fraud. You will need a document with an authenticated signature which this includes yourself as the person authorized, a notary who witness you as well the impression from your notary which is called as the legal proof. When you have this document, it means you already have the notarized letter.

Keep in mind that a notarized letter cannot be said as a legal document. Instead, its accepted as the authentic proof to provide a valid correctness.

Why Notarization Is An Important Thing If It Is Not A Legal Document?

There is a benefit you can gain when having a notarized paper especially when the disputes are litigated. The affidavits later will not be accepted by the court if it is not notarized. Besides, the reason to have notarized letter is also called as the self-authenticating which means you don’t need to testify your business in the court to verify its authenticity. It is also a good strategy to protect you from fraud in the future.

In this case, a notary will make sure that you sign the document without a force and do it willingly. If the notary finds you are forced to sign the document, then he/she will not validate it.

Today validating a document through a notary doesn’t mean you need to go to the public building. Many independent licensed notaries are available through mobile service to notarize your documents

How To Notarize The Document?

It is the notary’s job to validate and verify your identity as a person who needs to verify the document. Besides, they have the responsibility to confirm what the document is without being involved too far because her/his job is to validate your document. It means, they will confirm your understanding with the document.

To make it quick, here are the steps to notarize your document;

  • Provide the valid identities which include your valid ID (it should have a picture in the ID and issued by the government).
  • The notary will confirm your understanding that you are going to sign as well as witnessing your signature.
  • Once the document is signed, the notary will seal the document which means it has been notarized.

Electronic Notarizations and How Does It Work?

With the development of the technology, getting a notarized letter is easier in certain states including northern California, Colorado, Florida, and Pennsylvania which allow people to have electronic notarizations. However, it still has fundamental rules.

The electronic notarization is actually the computer-readable format which comes in PDF files for example that this makes it easy to save.

Keep in mind if you sign a document to the notary, it means you swear under oath saying the fact in your document is true.

Apart from the development of the notarized letter, you can download our template with a huge variety of notarization template you can suit your needs.


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