Residential Property Manager Job Description


Our company is a professional property management company that is working together with owners with their property management and maintenance tasks. We understand that managing a property isn’t easy – that’s why we are taking over and assuming the role with the best (and also most professional) service only. That’s why we are seeking for a dedicated Residential Property Manager to join our professional team.

The manager has the full responsibility of taking care of and managing the daily operations within the assigned properties and sections. The main tasks would include maintaining and managing property rentals, screening for potential tenants, filling vacancies and marketing, securing premises, and enforcing leases. That’s why it takes an individual with multitasking ability as well as one who is dedicated and disciplined to assume the role. It isn’t easy but someone has to do it.

Job’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform tenant screening. It includes setting up interview processing and also making decisions whether to accept a tenant or to reject one
  • Advertise units and also negotiate lease terms, price, and other details
  • Manage the maintenance schedule with the Maintenance Department and Coordinator. It includes creating maintenance or repair schedules as well as making solid decisions when a repair is needed
  • Work together with clients and also tenants
  • Act as the bridge or liaison for the property owners and tenants
  • Collect rent on monthly basis, as well as dealing with deposits too. It includes handling late payments within the timely condition and manner
  • Create, manage, and mentor the property maintenance and management team cohesively
  • Come up with solutions for any issue, concern, and problem.
  • Maintain the property by dealing with tenant complaints, dealing with repairs, enforcing occupancy rules, and contracting landscaping companies (which also include snow removal).

Job’s Skills, Qualifications, and Requirements

  • Possess a good negotiation skill
  • A familiarity in business and management is an advantage
  • Have a past experience in Management, Business, and Property Management. Any experience in managerial position or senior position will be an advantage
  • Have at least 3 years of experience in the position
  • Any past experience in Real Estate or Property Management will be an advantage
  • Bachelor degree in Property or Real Estate Management. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Proficient and be familiar in computer software and programs, including MS Office. Any experience and familiarity with other programs is an advantage
  • Able to work and resume the responsible role with as minimal supervision and monitoring as possible
  • Possess a positive attitude that can influence, affect, inspire, support, and encourage others
  • Able to work under a stressful condition
  • Have the leadership and team management ability


Salary, benefits, and bonuses will be discussed in details during the interview. Bonuses will be given based on performance and quality service

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications to: before September 2nd. Those who believe in their capacities and abilities are welcomed to send their CV and a resume to the email address. A cover letter, instead of a resume, is welcomed. Anyone sending their resume, cover letter, and CV are welcomed.

Residential Property Manager Job Description
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