Project Manager Construction Job Description


We are a company focusing in multifamily residential building and construction. We are currently seeking for an ambitious and dedicated Project Manager Construction to help us. We are planning new expansion and development and we need fresh minds as well as creative worker to help us with the work.

The candidate needs to have a passion and dedication for construction and design – devoting the creativity to the project will be a part of the responsibility. The manager’s main task is to design and then oversee the projects (each of them) from the early concept to the complete structure. The person will have to interface with both clients and construction workers to make sure that the project is running smoothly. The manager will need to travel quite a lot, visiting neighboring cities to work on the sites. It is a must that the person has a reliable transportation. This is a position that makes development and self growth to happen. The individual will surely experience a lot. The job will include attractive salary, benefits, and also paid time off. Be advised, though, that this is a job that includes administrative and hands-on duties.

The Responsibilities and Duties

  • Process and manage change orders
  • Work together with construction crew and architects to make sure that each project is possible and feasible
  • Work and develop positive relationship with the clients – from the beginning of the project mostly, to make sure that the manager understands the project vision and scope
  • Designed, manage, oversee, and monitor the start of each projects (small or big), including managing the details such as design evaluations and permit submission
  • Work together and negotiate with suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors
  • Create, manage, and maintain schedules for each project. It includes matching talents to the job
  • Prepare, deal with, manage, and submit project budgeting (or estimation) to clients
  • Arrange and attend meetings with construction crew, client, and architect on-site

Skills, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Possess the ability and skill to read structural drawings, plan sets, and blueprints
  • Bachelor degree in Construction or Civil Engineering. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have the experience and extensive ability in managing budgets, especially for big construction projects.
  • Possess the past experience in designing, creating, and building residences, especially for multifamily types for at least 5 years – longer years will be a plus
  • Possess an advanced knowledge, understanding, and experience of risk management procedures and policies
  • Possess the knowledge and understanding of construction equipment, processes, and materials.
  • Able to work under pressure or during challenging situation
  • Have an impressive organizational and leadership skill
  • Possess a positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others


Salary, paid time off, and benefits will be discussed further during the interview. There is a possibility of bonuses but the terms will be discussed later.

Interested candidates and applicants who believe in their skills and abilities are encouraged to send their CV and a cover letter to: The last date would be January 21st. Please include a recent photo in the CV and not in a separate file.

Project Manager Construction Job Description
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