Catering Sales Manager Job Description


Our developing and growing catering service is in search of a professional and skilled Catering Sales Manager to help us with the streamline of orders and work. The main responsibility is to coordinate, manage, and target the catering sales objectives and efforts.

The manager will be responsible for the quality leads development and initiation to make sure the stable and growth of catering sales. The main task of the manager is to solicit new business and develop the existing one through catering sales marketing as well as lead generation. Since we are living in the modern world where digital marketing is common, it takes a special talent that can attract new customers with both non-traditional and also traditional sales techniques.

The manager’s main responsibility isn’t about dealing with or managing sales and marketing only. The person will have to coordinate, plan, sell, and book special events without compromising the quality of customer service. The person should make sure that they deliver only the highest level of service and perfection while being able to grow the business. The tasks may include monitoring booking space, establishing new accounts, making sure that service is delivered in such a perfection, generating revenue, and conducting catering sales calls or presentation will be included in the job description. It takes only a professional individual that is able to work hard and deal with challenges to work in this position.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Organize rotations and shifts, including dealing with talent placements and job distribution
  • Plan, create, and oversee menus
  • Advertise vacant positions and recruit staff
  • Hire, recruit, train, and monitor staff to make sure that they deliver the best service only
  • Make sure that staffs and other employees are fully trained, guided, and disciplined
  • Observe and monitor employees’ performance
  • Keep all the employees encouraged, motivated, and inspired to provide the best and the highest service quality and standard
  • Meet and develop positive relationships with customers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Discuss contract details and terms (including requirements) with customers
  • Manage, check, and oversee stock and supply control
  • Create, manage, and implement budgeting. Managing budgets will be included in the task and responsibility

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess an impressive organizational and leadership skill that can manage many people under one management
  • Have a past experience in Catering Service or Fine Dining for at least 2 years
  • High school diploma is acceptable. However, Bachelor or Master degree will be an advantage, especially those with Hospitality, Food Management, or Business degree
  • Fluent in foreign languages, such as Spanish or Japanese since our customers are coming from those backgrounds
  • Possess a good communication skill in both verbal and written form
  • Have a good detail and customer-oriented personality and attitude

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their applications not later than April 5th. Please send a CV, a resume, and two reference letters to: Include a recent photo in the CV and not in a separate file. Write ‘Catering Sales manager position’ on the subject to make the screening process easier and faster.

Catering Sales Manager Job Description
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