Customer Support Manager Job Description


Our company is seeking for a dedicated and professional Customer Support Manager to join the team. The manager’s responsibility is to make sure that our customers only receive the flawless support, perfect service, and all of their needs are satisfyingly met. It may require the process of creating customer support regulations, procedures, and policies for staff to meet. Observing, training, and assisting employees are included – as well as helping the unsatisfied customers. The person will have to oversee and monitor the customer support department or section on day to day basis.

As a professional manager, the person is expected to supervise and monitor customer support staffs and agents and he/she has to report (and answer) to the General Manager. As the Customer Support manager, the job sits on the middle management level so the person will have to act as a bridge between the department and the higher executives. The ideal candidate is expected to have impressive communication skill that enables him/her to communicate and interact effectively with all related parties, people, or departments. We expect the person to be outspoken and not shy.

Responsibilities and Support

  • The manager has an important role in working together with Human Resource department. The person should be able to find the ideal person with customer-oriented attitude. After all, the staff will have to deal with customers so they need to have the required manner and attitudes.
  • The manager is responsible for hiring, recruiting, training, orienting, coaching, assigning, and disciplining Customer Support agents. The person is also responsible for overseeing and monitoring the agents’ performance and quality
  • The manager is responsible for developing effective strategies to help the department interact better with customers. After all, the idea is to satisfy customers and make them engage more with the company.
  • The manager has to prepare plans, complete the action plans, relay the customer support quality standards, and resolve the department problems.
  • The manager should be able to identify and understand customer support trends and then develop system improvements. The person should also be able to make and implement changes to improve the existing quality and standard service.
  • The manager should be able to manage the agents and staff. Since agents are responsible for managing customers’ feedback or complaints, they should know how to collect the data correctly and then respond to the feedbacks.

Requirements, Skills, and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in International Relations, Psychology, Business Administration, Information Technology, Management, or Public Relations. However, any bachelor degree in the related fields will be considered carefully.
  • Have a past and direct experience in customer support. Any experience in senior position or managerial level is also acceptable and will be considered a plus.
  • Possess a good communication skill with adaptability flair. Since the manager has to interact with different kinds of people, the person should be able to develop effective communication strategies to help him/her develop positive relationship
  • Have a direct familiarity with MS Office or Computer programs. Any familiarity with other programs will be an advantage
  • Possess a good analytical skill. Fluency in technology will be an advantage

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their application letter to: before August 5th.

Customer Support Manager Job Description
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