HR Operations Manager Job Description


Our growing brand is in search of a dedicated HR Operations Manager to join the board and to help us with the work flow and the overall management. The manager has the main responsibility to oversee and monitor the Human Resource department’s functions, while providing support to the employees at the same time.

The person’s responsibility will include reviewing budgets and then approving them. Among the many responsibilities, maintaining the internal Human Resource systems and implementing the new policies will be included in the main tasks. The person should have past experience working in a relevant field within the senior level position if he/she wants to be successful in the job. Not to mention that the candidate will have to make sure that the HR initiatives are running smoothly with cost effective implementation. It is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that he/she can create a healthy working environment – and has an important contribution to it.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review the budget plans. It includes approving them and then modifying them
  • Create objectives and working goal for the HR department, especially for the HR team. It includes tracking the working progress and reviewing their performance
  • Monitor, observe, and oversee the internal HR database and system
  • Monitor HR key metrics to track the progress and find out the quality performance in the overall sense
  • Create, design, and execute the company policies – while making sure that all of the staff and team members understand them.
  • Create and manage detailed reports on HR performance as well as cost
  • Act as the bridging consult to staff and also managers concerning company’s procedures and policies
  • Address and respond to employees queries, such as about labor regulations or compensation, especially if they have questions or concerns
  • Recommend and use new software (or program) to address personnel and staff needs, such as performance checking tools or tracking review program

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements

  • Have a good knowledge concerning labor law. Any direct experience related to the law and its implementation will be an advantage
  • Have a past experience as HR Manager or Operation Manager. Any past and direct experience with similar role in managerial level or senior position will be seriously considered
  • Have a past experience with HR Information systems
  • Bachelor degree in Human Resource or other related field. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have a past experience and familiarity with creating compensation and benefits planning and package
  • Possess the ability to create, develop, and implement fair and clear company policies
  • Possess a positive attitude that can inspire and encourage others
  • Have a good managerial and analytical skill, including a competent decision-making ability

Those who believe in their capabilities and skills are welcomed to send their applications. Interested applicants can send their cover letter, a CV, and two recommendation letters to: not later than September 25th. Please include a recent photo in the CV and not in a separate folder or file. Follow the directions or the application will be ignored and discarded. We wish you good luck.

HR Operations Manager Job Description
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