Operations Manager Job Description Manufacturing


We are currently looking forward to hiring a new Manufacturing Operations Manager to join our team and help us with the workload and also workflow. It is imperative for us to explain the role of Operations Manager job description manufacturing to avoid misunderstanding and the wasted time. The manager will be responsible for monitoring and overseeing the entire manufacturing process within the industrial setting to make sure that production will be optimized – and everything runs smoothly.

As a part of their tasks, they also have to supervise and direct the technical personnel. Each of the personnel has their own abilities and skills, and it is the manager’s job to make sure that everyone is positioned in the right place. It is meant to make sure of high quality manufacturing process and cost effective items. The individual will have to deal cost estimation and budget planning, which is pretty common for manufacturing proposal. Basically, the manager is responsible for making sure that production and manufacturing is running efficiently and smoothly so there won’t be problems with the final result.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Analyze, observe, and provide solutions to any manufacturing problems or challenges
  • Create, manage, design, and implement plans for the materials’ effective usage as well as the labor resources to reach the manufacturing target and meet the objectives
  • Monitor, supervise, and manage the operations personnel to make sure that everything (within the manufacturing process) is running efficiently within the time schedule and budgets
  • Perform and execute studies as well as research to identify and reveal a more effective strategy and approach to efficient production
  • Oversee and monitor the recruitment, orientation, and training of technical employees to make sure a reliable and competent workforce
  • Work together with sales and marketing staff to execute strategies and techniques that will improve the popularity of the products as well as expanding the market. It is designed to increase the products’ marketability for the success of the company
  • Oversee and monitor the work shift regulation to make sure that proper workload schedules and distribution has been managed
  • Monitor the manufacturing and processing team to make sure that the operations go along with the safety and health standards
  • Create schedules and make sure the adherence of production machines and equipment maintenance to make sure that production will go efficiently

Skill, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in the specific industrial field. However, Bachelor degree in Business Management, Electrical Electronics, and Biochemistry will be seriously considered
  • A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Possess an in-depth familiarity, knowledge, and experience in examining and also operating the production equipment.
  • Able to spot and identify faults of the machineries or equipment
  • Possess the ability to make sure that projects are running smoothly following the budgets and budgets
  • Have a solid and good managerial and leadership skill
  • Able to perform multitask activities to handle a lot of stuff
  • Possess a positive attitude that can encourage, support, and inspire others

Interested candidates should send their CV, a cover letter, and a recent photo to: position@trustypositivity.com. Applications should be sent before October 2nd.

Operations Manager Job Description Manufacturing
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