Online Marketing Manager Job Description


Our company is a growing brand in the fashion industry and clothing apparel. We understand the importance of digital streamline and focus. That’s why we have decided to expand the business to the digital platform by running our own digital store and official website. For that purpose, we are seeking for a skilled and advanced Online Marketing Manager to help us with the business and the workload.

Naturally, we want to hire a creative and dedicated manager to join the board. Considering that we are a growing business, the ability to do multitasking activities will be important. We want fresh mind and creative skill to help us manage the online operation. Basically, the manager will have the responsibility to manage the entire digital platforms. The main task is to make sure that the company’s objectives are accomplished and reached while maintaining the business success for the company as well as the clients.

The individual has to combine the digital marketing and web implementation with the business skill. It is designed to deliver bigger and greater brand existence (and also awareness), increase customer involvement and engagement, and increase lead generation.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Conduct, perform, implement, and report analysis of social traffic and site
  • Manage the company’s website which includes tools, contents, and images
  • Monitor and oversee the digital channels management, including user expeirence, design, and updates
  • Manage the posts or messages on daily basis
  • Provide and deliver good customer service by answering concerns and questions when needed
  • Deal with KPIs and ROI, including the monitoring and establishment
  • Create and maintain cohesive, engaging, and effective brand messages
  • Design, maintain, create, oversee, and implement all the editorial calendars and digital marketing
  • Manage, update, and deal with the company’s e-newsletter, blog, and also social media which includes news, regular posts, job listing, and much more

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements

  • Possess a solid knowledge and understanding of PPC, ecommerce, SEM, and also SEO
  • Have a past experience in managerial or senior positions in Marketing, Management, or Business. Other related fields are acceptable.
  • Have a past experience in marketing for at least 5 years, while it should be at least 3 years in digital marketing field
  • Bachelor degree in Communication, Marketing, Management, or other similar fields
  • Have a solid understanding and fluency with analytical programs, like Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Fluency in other programs and basic computer knowledge will be an advantage
  • Have a good communication skill in both verbal and written forms
  • Have the solid knowledge and understanding of digital media editing programs, including videos and photos
  • Have a good working knowledge in best practices, web design principles, and also content management platforms
  • Possess the demonstrated skill and ability to create, develop, and implement marketing and sales strategies

Do you think you have the abilities for the job? Are you confident enough about your qualifications? We encourage you to send your CV, resume, and a recent photo included in the CV to: not later than April 21st. Include the photo in the CV and not in a separate folder.

Online Marketing Manager Job Description
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