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Step By Step to Make the Memorial Program Template

Funeral event will be one we need to hold the burial of the death. Since it is an event, things have to be organized well from start to finish. For that reason, you will find the need to use memorial program template for sure. There’re many choices of template you can choose to be used out there.

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However, the template format is actually not that much different from one to another. So, you don’t particularly have to memorize format of all kinds. Just remember the basic standards and you can adjust as needed for the making.

Step #1 Photo of the Deceased

First things first, most templates would start with the photo of the deceased. It is usually casual photo with wreath to frame it. Make it big so the readers would have better view of the deceased. Funeral memorial program wouldn’t use formal photo since it is made in loving memory of the dead.

memorial program template free word

Words such as “In Loving Memory” or “A Loving Farewell” along with the photo could serve as good cover for the memorial program too. After all, this memorial program only consists of two pages of template. It is like an invitation.

Step #2 Full Name & the Dates

Inserting photo alone won’t be enough to tell about the deceased. Memorial program cover should also inform the full name of the deceased. Make the font big in size, no bigger than the previous phrase we discussed before though. Below the name, the space would be meant for two vital dates.

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First is the birth date, while second is the date of the death. Then, at the bottom of the first page could include the memorial service time and date. You may add more words at the bottommost part of this memorial program page.

Step #3 In Memory of the Dead

The second page of the template would have more words written in. This very page is dedicated to write words in memory of the deceased. You can start the title with “In Remembrance of” or “In Loving Memory of”. Then, one paragraph of text should be good enough to convey the feelings into.

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You may further add another paragraph. If you are aiming for that, it would be good to go with words of farewell and prayer. Memorial program title may go with “Always in Our Hearts” and something similar for this one.

Step #4 The Families in Grief

The bottommost part of the second page will be dedicated for the family members left behind. Do give this part a title too, such as “Loved Person’s”. Then, simply list the name of the family members, like the children and grandchildren. You don’t have to mention distant family since it’d be too much.

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We don’t have much space to write them all after all. That is why it is best to go with direct family members to fill this part of memorial program template. Mentioning about 6 person’s names should be enough to finish this template.


Memorial Program Template Sample 

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memorial program free word template

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