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Postcard Template for the Classical Greetings

Since the development of the technology of communication, maybe sending a postcard becomes a rare thing to do now. However, for some people, writing a postcard is still an interesting way to spread some messages or deliver a greeting. Moreover, there are still kinds of postcard templates available.

Post card in photoshop

Well, the template of the postcard will show you an interesting design of this card. Since a postcard is interesting by its appearance, of course, the different template of it will be very useful to deliver an inspiration when you want to send it for your special friends.

On this occasion, we will talk to you about the postcard and its important matters to be known. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Why is Postcard Still Relevant?

As we have said before, a postcard is still relevant and interesting to be a medium of communication. These are some reasons why you are still able to use this kind of card.

Post card psd template free

Something that you need to know about a postcard is it is different. A postcard is interesting with its appearance. Besides the important message to send, a postcard is interesting with its design.

Post card in psd design

On another hand, a postcard is also versatile. It can be applied in some different agendas when you want to send it, such as the birthday, the graduation, and others. Of course, by using a postcard, your message can be received maximally.

How to Make a Good Postcard to Send the Messages

To deliver the message using a postcard, of course, creating an interesting and stunning postcard is a must. These are some steps that you may follow to make this medium to send a message.

Post card customizable psd design template

First, you need to make a document as the base of the postcard. Here, pay attention to the size of the document. The dimension of the postcard should be 6×4 inches. It is a standard size that is recommended. However, you may look for another reference to find the detailed size of the postcard.

Post card example psd design

Then, to make a good postcard, you may add clip art, text, and photos. As we know, the design is an important part of the postcard. Those matters can be the way to beautify the appearance of the postcard. Of course, in thinking of the design, it will be good when you relate it with the theme of the messages.

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The next thing to do in making the nice postcard is printing the card. Something that you need to know, a postcard should be printed on a thick paper. That is why you need to be careful in choosing the paper for printing this card.

Mistakes to Avoid in Making Postcard

To maximize the making of a postcard, you need to avoid some common mistakes. Writing too much information inside the postcard is a common mistake that should not be allowed. Remember, a postcard is different from the letter.

Post card template free psd

On another hand, choosing the wrong paper also becomes a mistake that should be avoided. A postcard is a collectible card, so the thick paper to print this card is a must.

Postcard Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the postcard template on this page. All templates are ready with PSD file extension, so editing it will be easy.

Post card template for photoshop


Sample Postcard Template

Post card free psd template Post card in photoshop free download

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