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Instagram Story Template for Business Promotion Strategies

Instagram today becomes one of the most popular social media. This image-based application was installed by so many smartphone users over the world. Well, to please their users, Instagram provides many stunning features, including the Instagram story template.

instagram story psd template free

Yes, it can be said that an Instagram story is a very interesting feature of this app. It can be a field for users to share their moments with their followers. On another hand, you also need to know that this feature is also great to promote your business and get more attention for the targeted customers.

instagram story template for photoshop

Here, we will talk to you about this Instagram feature, especially for the business. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

What is Instagram Story Template?

Instagram provides a story as a useful feature. This feature will allow users of Instagram to share their moments. The moment will be kept and it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. Of course, there is an option to delete the story before the time.

instagram story template free psd

On another hand, these are also some effects, texts, and others available on this feature. Those additional matters will be very useful to beautify the image of the moment that will be shared through the Instagram story.

instagram story customizable psd design template

Those are many templates of the Instagram story that can be found. The templates here provide the ideas of the concept and design to be applied.

Benefits of the Instagram Story for Business Reason

As we have said before, the Instagram story can be a strategy to increase business marketing. These are some benefits of the Instagram story in the field of business.

instagram story example psd design

This feature is very interesting since it provides a larger image of your product than the Instagram post. Of course, through a bigger size of the image, the targeted customers could know more detailed matters of your products.

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On another hand, Instagram provides ads through the story. It means that the moment can be spread in many users of Instagram as it is targeted although you do not follow them. However, it needs a payment when you want to use this feature.

Tips to Make a Good Instagram Story for Business

To maximize the use of Instagram story for business, these are some tips that you need to follow. Starting with a storyboard can be a good idea for you. A storyboard here will explain a better detail of the image of the products.

instagram story free psd template

On another hand, it is nice when you use great brand fonts and colors. These two matters are very essential to build a stunning post. Of course, in applying both fonts and colors, you need to consider the aspect of readability.

instagram story in photoshop free download

Another tip to maximize the Instagram story for business is creating a boomerang. Well, the boomerang is a stunning new feature inside the Instagram story that can be applied to deliver a unique shared moment.

Instagram Story Template PSD File

We have several samples of the Instagram story template on this page. The template can be the idea when you want to use this feature. Choose the best template to maximize the reach of the story.

instagram story in photoshop

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