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Types of Site Map Template to Suit What You Really Need

Designing website is not as easy as you might think it would be. After all, this is something that only professionals could find easy to do. In order to construct website, we believe it would be necessary for you to use site map template. Did you know? It is essential to make sitemap when designing one.

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This sitemap works like flowchart to give necessary information for that, such as what’s to work on, who works on what, and how things progress on. That being said, there are many types to learn about from it. Let’s see below.

#1 Simple Site Map Template

How about starting from the simplest one? Look at the images we have provided for each type in this article. The sitemap is made by starting it with Home Page. On equal but less important term, there are Testimonials, Contact, and the kind. Then, do start breaking down the sitemap Home Page.

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The first break down would be New Page meant for Landing Pages of your site. Each New/Landing Page would have Page Cluster that is intended for Article Pages. There must be more than one for this part of the map format.

#2 Web Flow Map Template

There is another type that has more to it but easy to make and understand here. This easy web flow template, like any other would start with Home Page on top. Then, it breaks down into some points including Blog, Video Gallery, Portfolio, and Contact. Just like before, each would break down again.

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The Blog would have Article as its cluster. The Video Gallery would have Video. Portfolio would be for Product and Contact is for Map. Now, you can see that these site map clusters are what make successful and good website.

#3 Customizable Template

There is customizable type of this template, of course. For this type, the framework slightly differs from the ones we have before. It starts with the Site and breaks down into Social, Search via Google, Components and Online Tutorial. The first part, Social will then be divided into Blog and Forum parts.

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The second, Search via Google could be broken down into Image Gallery and Content Pages. The third, Components’ site map breakdowns might start with Viewer and Demo Program will follow after. That’s how this one is.

#4 Complete Map Template

Compared to the ones we have before, this type of templates has more to say. As seen in the images, this type has Home Page branches into Login and Editor follows. Home Page will also branch into Terms of Service, About Us, Site Map, and Support with Support breaks down into some points.

site map customizable psd design template

They are Contact Support, Forums, and User Manual. Another branch of Home Page could be dedicated for Products and Product Mini Sites with their own points to follow. Site map template could be more complicated than it, depending on the needs of the website design you are making.

Site Map Sample Template

site map example psd design site map free download psd
site map free psd template site map in photoshop free download site map in photoshop

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