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Customer Journey Map Template and Things to Know Inside It

When you run a job as a guide, knowing the customer journey map template is an important part of your job. This paper is a visual representation of the customers that enjoy your service. It can be a medium to tell the story of the experiences of the customers when they are engaged with you.

Customer journy map in photoshop

Of course, this document can be used as the reference and track record of how your brand handles the customers. Besides, this paper also can be a way to increase the services by updating the route, journey menus, services, and others.

Customer journy map in psd design

In this case, we will talk to you about the detailed customer journey map. For those who are curious about it, read the following writings below.

Benefits of Customer Journey Map

As we have said before, the customer journey map is an important paper to support your traveling business. These are some benefits of this paper that could be the reason why you need to make it.

Customer journy map psd template free

Some benefits of the customer journey map for your business are:

  • Helping you to see the detailed interaction of the customers with you
  • Focusing the business on the specific needs of the customers in the different stages
  • Identifying the detailed journey of the customers
  • Giving a different perspective on the process of sales to increase the profit
  • Showing the gap between the desired experiences of customers and the actual received
  • Highlighting the priorities of the developments

Customer journy map template for photoshop

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Since the customer journey map is an important document and it can support your business, of course, you need to be careful in making it. These are some steps that could lead you to make it.

Customer journy map template free psd

First, you need to set clear objectives for the map. It is a simple point but very essential. The objective will show how you handle the journey map. Write some points to be considered as a way to please the customers.

Customer journy map example psd design

The next step to make a good customer journey map is profiling your personas. This point is very important to be written clearly. The persona can be an interesting source for the customers. Then, do not forget to write the goals of it.

Customer journy map customizable psd design template

You also need to highlight the target customer personas. This point will show the ideal level of the journey and its experiences to be gotten by the customers. To strengthen this point, you can list out the detailed touch points.

Customer journy map free psd template

Another thing to do in making the customer journey map is identifying the elements that you want to show on the document. Try to determine the resources to strengthen it and update the detailed points when it is necessary.

Tips to Make Customer Journey Map

These are also some tips to maximize your customer journey map. Since it is a formal document, you need to follow the standard of the customer journey map. Find a sample to know the standard format of it.

Customer journy map free download psd

On another hand, be careful with your wording. Here, you need to write detailed information formally. Avoid using irrelevant writing style and ambiguous wording there.

Customer Journey Map Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the customer journey map template on this page. Scroll the samples and click the download button to save it on your drive.

Customer journy map in photoshop free download

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