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Important Tips on Writing Proper Certificate Design Template

As you might have known, certificate is a token of appreciation in the form of formal paper. Despite being simply a paper, it holds lifelong memory. Thus, it is considered as something valuable. For such document, you can’t be carefree in its making. You need to make proper certificate design template.

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For that, there are some tips that we would like to share to you here. Paying attention to those details could make difference for the better. It is worth for sure. So, let’s get down to it and see what to do to make proper template here.

#1 – Brand and Logo of the Company

Certificate shouldn’t look way too casual just because it is simply a piece of paper. Remember that this simple paper has important value to it. That is why certificate design layout should show the identity of the company, institution, business, or even individual that rewards the certificate bearers.

certificate design psd template free

Every one of them should have brand or logo of their own, right? To add more formality to the paper document and make it into distinguished one, you need to place the brand or logo in appropriate place. It could be on top of the paper.

#2 – Uncluttered and Clean Design

Now, the layout design shouldn’t look so cluttered here. What do you think if you see there is not enough white space between the lines? Wouldn’t that look cramped and not professional? The layout has to look clean to make it perfect certificate design. So, do give proper space for the text.

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Depending on the needs, you might need to use different space. Just make sure that it is fine enough to look at. You must consider the aesthetic value of the design as well. Proper design template must look beautifully made even here too.

#3 – Pastel Shades for Color Scheme

When it comes to design, you can’t choose colors without putting much thought into it. The color decides how the template would look like later. For this case however, it is suggested for you to use pastel shades. Most certificates are official. Thus, we need to keep it formal. There are some choices.

certificate design template free psd

You could choose shades of blue, grey, or white. Stick to such color scheme and you will be able to maintain professional look of the certificate. No one would doubt the credibility of it then. That’s how vital proper certificate design is.

#4 – Heavy Papers for the Printouts

The weight of the paper being used to print out the document is a matter to think about too. There is difference between lightweight and heavy document paper. Let’s not deny it! Heavy paper holds more importance than the light one. Most important documents are all treated like this for printing.

certificate design customizable psd design template

So, you better apply it the same for certificate design template you are making. Though it might seem little detail to concern yourself with, it proves to be quite impactful and makes the certificate distinguished, proper, and well made.

Sample Certificate Design Template

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certificate design free psd template certificate design in photoshop free download certificate design in photoshop

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