Landlord Lease Termination Letter and How to Make the Best of It

The landlord lease termination letter is kind of letter written by the landlord in order to cut or to finish the contract or lease of the tenant. This letter is legal, so there is a consequence of right behind the letter. By its legalization, of course landlord is able to make it when it is needed.

This letter could be the solution when there is problem between the landlord and tenant or the landlord wants to use the house. Of course, when the tenant gets this letter, it means that they get notification from the landlord to out from the house or apartment.

When Does Landlord Lease Termination Letter Need?

Before talking about the ways to make excellent landlord lease termination letter, the common question that is asked is when this letter is needed by the landlord. In this case, for a common reason, the lease termination letter is used when the landlord wants to stop the contract with the occupant.

The desire to stop the lease by the landlord could be done by some reasons. The most common reason, the landlord wants to take over the apartment or the home. In other hand, it also could be done by the problem of payment by the tenant, so the landlord feels unpleasant with it.

How to Write Landlord Lease Termination Letter?

Since this letter is legal and important letter, making the right landlord lease termination letter is the task that you need to do. Of course, to make a good letter, there are some matters that you need to pay more attention.

Here, we have several ways that you need to know in making this letter. The ways to make this letter are:

  • For the first, write down the date of the letter. After it, write the name and the address of the tenant. For this matter, please write the detail of name and address completely.
  • Then, inside the letter, write down about the request that the tenant vacate by the detail date. Add the reasons of the termination too
  • In order to make a strong reason, please show the reference in stopping the lease
  • When it is possible, you are able to show the new address of the tenant, so they could move there

Tips in Writing Landlord Lease Termination Lease

To make a powerful letter, there are some tips that you need to know. The tips are:

  • Since this letter is formal, you need to use the formal writing style and writing option
  • State the reasons clearly. It will be better when you use the short sentences in delivering the reasons
  • Write the letter only in a page of letter. Too long letter is not good and it will make the reader boring
  • Do not forget to close the letter with your sign completely by your name

Well, that is all about the landlord lease termination letter. It is an important letter that you may write to tenant as a landlord. This letter should be written in formal style and you need to use the specific format in making it.

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