HR Project Manager Job Description


Here at Margin Express, we believe that the right people at the right position will make a difference, and we have proven so in the company. We make sure that each personnel are stationed in the right position suitable with their skills. Not only have we believed in the human resources, we also believe that fun working environment can create a positive outcome in the performance. So, if you are a fun but also serious worker who can balance professional work and fun creative working, we want to meet you! Having a new talent will be a gem for the company, especially if the gem is a cool individual with flexible attitude.

Our company is in search of an experienced and dedicated HR Project Manager to help us with the running of the company. We value our customers dearly but we also value our staff and teams. Without them, the company won’t even exist.

The manager will be responsible for HR programs supporting the HR team. Because the position requires the manager to work across many (and different) sectors and fields, it takes people with great adaptability and flexibility to face the challenges. Not only the manager will be responsible for the human resource management, but he/she will also take part in administrative functions and programs. It is even possible that the individual may occasionally help in employment and customer service area. The ideal candidate should possess a good ability to see the real qualifications and ability of a person – as well as identifying the talents needed for certain positions and jobs. The job may not be easy, but it is worth it as well as fun.

Responsibilities and Duties

Basically, the manager will have to plan, manage, direct, execute, and monitor the various programs of HR department. For this goal, we expect the manager to be able to:

  • Develop the training programs. The manager has to develop and create courses and training programs, not only for the HR section but also for the entire company. It includes creating seminars or courses in relation to HR policy.
  • Create HR programs, including making revisions. HR policies and programs aren’t written on stones – they are flexible to changes. The manager will have to create new policies and also update the existing ones. It includes communicating the ideas to colleagues within the department and also the company.

 Requirements and Skills

We expect our manager to have these following traits:

  • Possess the ability to lead and manage a team. Directing people is one of the skills needed by the manager in this position
  • Have the knowledge, insight, and fluency in operating basic computer skill. Any familiarity and knowledge in other programs or software will be an advantage
  • Possess a good communication skill both in written and also verbal form
  • Have a good time management and problem-solving skill
  • Bachelor degree in Management, Psychology, and other related fields
  • Have a past experience in HR department or section

Interested applicants are welcomed to send their cover letter and a CV to: The application should be received before July 21st at the latest.

HR Project Manager Job Description
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