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Cornell Notes Template and Design

If you are a teacher or person that needs to teach your students about Cornell notes, you may need to create the Cornell notes template that helps you to make a clear presentation. When you decide to make the template or Cornell notes by yourself, you need to think about the design and also the content.

Cornell Note free download word

Now, if you like to make everything simple and easy you can use the free Cornell notes template. It will make your job easier and you do not need to think about the design and what the best content for the Cornell notes is.

Cornell Note in word design

There are so many interesting free templates with a good design that you can choose. You only need to find the best and the most interesting template from here. After you find your best template, just try to download it and then save it on your computer.

Here are some interesting examples that are provided for you. It is a free download and also editable.

 Word Cornell notes template

The first best Cornell notes template that ready to be downloaded is the word template. This template is made using Microsoft word and you can save the file in word format. You can use this free template to help make a presentation to the students about the concept of Cornell notes. These Cornell notes are used to help the student organize and gather the information from the lecturer in the university.

Cornell Note in word free download

PowerPoint Cornell notes template

The other interesting free template for you is the PowerPoint templates. These PowerPoint templates will help the lecture to teach the students by using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is handy and you can make modifications to make it more interesting.

Cornell Note in word

There are still many templates with different formats. Not only provided in Word or PowerPoint but you can find the Cornell notes template with the other format.

Cornell notes sample

It is free for you to make the corner notes by yourself or you can download a free template. Smart people like to choose the free template because it saves time and effort. There are many samples for you.

Cornell Note free word template

The teacher may feel so afraid when need to create Cornell note with two columns. The templates allow you to make it with more detail practically.

Cornell Note customizable word design template

The example not only inspires you but it is completed with a download button. To download this free Cornell notes template you will only spend less from five minutes. After that, the file will be saved in your PC and ready to be used.

Editable Cornell notes template

If you want to download the Cornell notes template you should choose the best one because there are many interesting designs start from the blank Cornell notes, Cornell notes generator, Microsoft word template, report template, business Cornell notes, Cornell notes for school, weekly template, and many more.

Cornell Note template for word


Cornell Notes Template Sample

Cornell Note word template free

Cornell Note example word design

Cornell Note template free word

Don’t worry; this Cornell notes template is printable and also editable. After you get the most interesting template you may want to print it and share it with your student. Prepare for the printing by using the compatible printers and fine paper.


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