Clinical Operations Manager Job Description

The company is planning on opening a new clinic in New Haven area, expanding our healthcare service to the northern area. For this matter, we are in a search of a determined and experienced Clinical Operations Manager to help us with the clinic’s overall operation and business running.

Basically, the manager will have the main responsibility of bridging the healthcare patients and clinical staffs. Besides acting as a bridge that connects different people within different professions and works, the manager will have to manage and oversee the general operation of the facility. In order to succeed, the manager should have a good skill in financial management as well as administrative expertise. The person should also be familiar with managing the establishment (dealing with the non-medical as well as medical staff) as well as implementing policy to adhere the legal regulation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop strategic planning which includes maintaining the clinic’s stability and predicting the logistic needs.
  • Recruit, hire, train, discipline, and oversee staff. The manager is responsible for hiring the right recruit and then placing them in the right position that goes along their qualifications and abilities
  • Manage the health service. The main function of the manager is to oversee, manage, and monitor the function of the clinic on the daily basis
  • Manage and deal with information technology. Since we are living in the modern era, proficiency and fluency in digital and technology matter is important
  • Deal with data analysis. As a manager, the individual should identify and recognize trends in data in order to come up with future projects planning. It includes monitoring the clinic’s daily operation
  • Design, manage, and implement policy. This is a crucial matter, considering that patients should be in a safe and protected environment. The manager’s task is to enforce policies and rules
  • Design, create, and manage budgeting which is crucial in the operation. Such a budget is important for the operation of the clinic, especially when it comes to managing expenses and revenues


There are some benefits of working in the clinic, such as:

  • The availability of many job opportunities
  • Stable and consistent working hours based on the schedules
  • The ability to develop one’s skill. It is related to decision making and problem solving skill that are needed for the job market
  • The ability to gain wider and higher experience that can be transferred to other management types and operations

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess a good communication skill in both written and oral form
  • Bachelor degree in Business, Administration, Management, and other related fields. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have a past experience in management field or managerial position for at least 4 years
  • Have a solid leadership and managerial skill
  • Fluent in basic computer program, especially MS Office and Excel. Any familiarity with other programs will be a plus
  • Have a positive attitude that can encourage and inspire others

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV and a cover letter to: before January 22nd. A resume instead of a cover letter is acceptable.

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