Event Sales Manager Job Description


Our growing business is currently in search of skilled Event Sales Manager to join the team. Our culinary business has existed for more than a decade and we are proud to say that we are going to launch a new restaurant in the western area of Soho. For this matter, we are going to need a new Event Sales Manager to help us with the workload and the responsibilities.

The manager will have to sell, plan, market, manage, and coordinate event plans, including the space, on the behalf of the chain restaurant. The individual will have to deal with customer inquiries. Since he/she will be the point of contact for the event details, the existence is important and crucial. The manager will have to manage and oversee all event info collective coordination as well as resources. They have the responsibility to manage and maintain sales prospecting, business development, and account management.

The job isn’t easy – in fact, it can be stressful. That’s why the ideal candidate should have flexible trait and the ability to work under a stressful condition. The person should have the required skill and abilities in management, budgeting, and such thing alike.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Able to perform multitasking activities that enable the person to manage market research, public relations, account management, event coordination and planning, customer relationship management, business development, communication, sales prospecting, revenue management, and logistics oversight.
  • Create, plan, and prepare proposals for clients as well as maintaining event records in well-organized manner
  • Build, manage, maintain, and oversee positive working relationship with both external and internal partners. It includes improving the relationship to deliver memorable and innovative events
  • Come up with creative plans and ideas for event ideas. It includes implementing the right executions on the day
  • Build positive interaction and relationship with clients through good communication and flawless customer relationship and service. It is important to maintain the positive outcome for already existing clients as well as attracting new potential clients
  • Identify new market chances that can help to increase event sales and profits.
  • Set up regular meetings with clients as well as conducting tours around the event facility. It includes providing timely and accurate info to vendors, meeting planners, and clients
  • Provide suggestions and fresh ideas on improving and developing customer satisfaction to deliver positive experience and solid loyalty
  • Design, plan, manage, and oversee event planning elements, including negotiating contracts, actively communicate info concerning the event, and identifying event logistics

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Possess organizational and interpersonal skill
  • Creative, high energy, and energetic individual with impressive customer service oriented attitude and great sales skill
  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Sales, Management, or such related fields
  • Possess CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) will be an advantage
  • Have a past experience in managing and organizing events for at least 3 years. It includes managing weddings, trainings, corporate meetings, luncheons, and other occasions
  • Have a solid managerial and leadership skill that can bring together different people to manage a specific task successfully

Interested candidates are welcomed to send their application, consisting of a CV and a resume, to: job@exquisitepallate.com before June 25th.

Event Sales Manager Job Description
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