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Birthday Gift Certificate Template Samples and Guidelines

A gift certificate is a way to let people buy services or goods for others. This certificate is also used in certain events including birthday. You have to keep in mind that a certificate is different from a card. In this article, we will discuss a birthday gift certificate template further.

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The Main Parts of a Birthday Gift Certificate Template

A birthday gift certificate template PSD should have the following main parts. The first is the ability o competes with big national corporations. Focusing on a birthday gift certificate will be a good idea. Besides, it can also improve sales and this really works.

birthday gift certificate in photoshop

Then, this kind of gift certificate also provides a physical gift for every shopper including online shoppers. One more, it will also attract a fresh business. As we know, many givers select gift certificates from stores they adore and the recipient has not heard yet. So, this certificate will advertise the store.

Tips for Creating a Birthday Gift Certificate Template

If you want to make an attractive PSD birthday gift certificate template, here are some important points to consider. First of all, you have to select a design that complements your own business. In this case, you can create a clean, minimalist design for your floral shop.

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Second of all, you should print the amounts of the gift certificates clearly. It depends on your needs. You can focus on a specific service or product like birthday gift. Besides that, make sure that you include verbiage indicating that this certificate is not redeemable.

birthday gift certificate template for photoshop

Then, it is also important to include your contact information such as address, telephone number, web, social media, etc. Last but not least, a printable PSD birthday gift certificate template must be valid. So, you have to check it first before printing out the gift certificate.

Creative Birthday Gift Certificate Template Ideas

A creative gift certificate should include these points. First, it provides a template specifically for a special occasion like a birthday. Second, it lets customers upload their artworks to use as a background on the gift certificate that will let them personalize it further.

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Besides that, it should offer lovely certificates as actual products. For example includes good for dinners, romantic-themed certificate books, etc. In addition, it should also provide novelty certificates that are aimed at fundraisers.

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Furthermore, it should include simple envelope templates, too. One more, it is a good idea to add delivery options. If you have no idea about it, we have a collection of PSD birthday gift certificate templates samples.

Customizable Birthday Gift Certificate Template

Creating gift certificate is not easy. It does not only require a lot of creativity but also takes a lot of time & effort. Fortunately, our gift certificate templates can help you a lot. All of the templates are downloadable, customizable, and printable.

birthday gift certificate in psd design

You just need to find and pick your preferred birthday gift certificate template. After that, you can directly edit it using Adobe Photoshop to fit your needs. Then, just print it out based on the needed amount.

Birthday Gift Certificate Template Sample 

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