Bank Operations Manager Job Description


As a financial institution that has existed for more than a decade, we believe in the strength of human resources and the professional interaction that an individual can deliver to the whole team. We believe in the quality of a professional worker who is determined and dedicated to their work. We won’t be able to go through these years without the help of those professionals. We believe that we owe these professionals for our success in this industry.

For the reason, we are currently in search of a professional Bank Operations Manager for our new branch that is going to open in California soon. The manager will be responsible for managing and monitoring the accounting and also administrative duties in the bank through coordinating and organizing all of the banking services. This isn’t the job for everyone because it is challenging and difficult. However, we promise that the experience will be worth it. The manager will have the promising experience that is going to be beneficial for his/her personal development.

Responsibilities and Duties

Since we are trying to deliver only the best service, we want the manager to be responsible for handling some of the important tasks. The manager will have to:

  • Manage the bank’s operational team to create and deliver profitable and also effective financial outcome (and also service) for clients
  • Be responsible for making sure that the bank carries an outstanding high sales and customer relations. It includes improving the overall service culture within all members through bonus granting, personal coaching, and other things that can motivate the staff
  • Be able to distribute and delegate tasks to different team members. It includes being able to identify a potential talent of an employee so the placement can be done efficiently and properly.
  • Be able to place the right talents on the right spots so task distribution and work delivery can run efficiently to improve the bank’s success
  • Assess the quality and performance of employees through evaluating transaction accounts balance and reports for clarity and accuracy
  • Be a part of the job’s function to make sure that all of the bank’s objectives are carried and maintained by the employees
  • Provide useful and fruitful ideas, suggestions, and advices for the management on the bank’s operation improvement.
  • Show a high level and deep insight of confidence and competence in managing financial problems or concerns on the job

Qualifications, Skills, and Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Finance, Business, Banking Administration, or other fields that are related to banking. A Master degree will an advantage
  • Possess the ability to perform multitasking activities
  • Have a past experience in managerial position in any banking or financial institution field for at least 5 years
  • Possess a good and solid managerial and leadership skill
  • Have the ability to manage work and do well under pressure or under stressful condition
  • Fluent in operating basic computer program. Any familiarity or fluency with other programs will be an advantage
  • Possess a positive attitude that can inspire, encourage, and affect others

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their cover letter and a CV to: not later than August 20th.

Bank Operations Manager Job Description
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