Associate Product Manager Job Description

41. Associate Product Manager Job Description

Our company is seeking for a dedicated and professional Associate Product Manager to join our team. We are always in a search of creative minds and fresh talents, and we need someone new to take part in the process of new features and products creation within our company. The manager will be involved from the beginning of the idea stage to the end when the products are launched.

The ideal candidate should have a past experience in project management handling and operation in order to succeed in this role. The person will be responsible for gathering and collecting product requirements, improving the entire user experience, and prioritizing feature and specs implementations. We want the person to combine Business Administration skill or Marketing ability with the technical background. Basically, he/she will have to work together with internal teams to build and create products that are able to fill the market gaps. It is expected that the products are considered crucial for customers and those products can increase customer experience (as well as satisfaction).

Job’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct market research and then analyze competition to learn about market’s condition and target’s demands
  • Suggest product development and enhancements to increase enjoyment and also improve user experience
  • Work together and coordinate with internal teams, including engineering department, to find, deliver, and create functional solutions
  • Perform quality assurance and checking controls on products. It includes overseeing and monitoring the products as well as the overall service
  • Perform and conduct research to reveal and identify market gaps and customer needs
  • Take part in system configuration and implementation
  • Create, plan, and implement training and support documents that can be useful for external as well as internal users
  • Work together with Marketing team and department to make sure that proper advertisements have been done. It includes proper positioning of the new launch or product.
  • Make the priority for new features implementation, including setting the specific timelines
  • Monitor, observe, and report on users and customers’ reactions after the launch and product release

Job’s Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have a past working experience as a Product Marketing manager or Associate Product Manager. Any experience in senior level or managerial position will be considered
  • Have the in-depth knowledge and experience in managing the overall product lifecycle
  • Have the direct knowledge and experience in project management tools, such as Trello or Jira
  • Possess the direct experience and insight with web technologies
  • Possess the experience and familiarity with consumers’ behavior, marketing techniques, and market research
  • Possess a solid leadership and managerial skill. Good time management ability is appreciated
  • Bachelor degree in Marketing, Management, Business Administration, or other related fields. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Have an impressive communication skills with adaptability flair and effective ability to work together with cross functional departments or teams

Interested and confident applicants are encouraged to send their cover letter and a CV to: before June 10th. A resume instead of a cover letter will be accepted. Recommendation letter isn’t obligatory but it will be appreciated if you can include two of them in your application.

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