Billing Manager Job Description


Our company is currently in a search of a professional and qualified Billing Manager to help us with our department. The company is growing and expanding. Unfortunately, the current manager is taking a maternity leave and has decided to resign. That’s why we are looking for a professional manager as the replacement.

The new manager will be responsible for planning and leading the billing operations and productions, especially to run the department consisting of 20 people. The person will have to design, manage, enforce, and implement procedures and also policies. It includes managing the billing process streamline across different (and multiple) markets. Since this position is highly visible, it takes a strong individual with solid leadership quality that is able to plan, prioritize, and also direct this special department.

This position requires working mostly in the production environment, where the manager will be fully responsible for all the entire billing transactions, including electronic checking processing, making refunds (although it may not be all the time), endorsement changes, duplicate payment transaction approval, and part due invoices.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and issue billing adjustments
  • Process and deal with billing transactions and management
  • Create, manage, validate, print, and mail the customer refund checks – details are included when needed
  • Make or report the processing flow problems or issues to the Billing Supervisor
  • Process and deal with failed billing and also past due invoices
  • Work together or create an interface with the internal customer service regarding customer inquiries
  • Collaborate and work together with the compliance department in relation to DOI inquires
  • Help and manage the new billing system implementation
  • Manage, oversee, and monitor the billing processes as well as the collections
  • Perform a month-end billing group info closing regularly and continuously
  • Come up with plans and management for personnel development. It includes setting up staff meetings or crucial seminars
  • Deal with practical problem escalation and also customer service
  • Manage and plan team building. It includes staffing interviews, planning, and also discussions
  • Create, plan, manage, and implement all processing’ quality assurance
  • Deal with and manage billing planning and special program (along with the implementation)

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Have a proven ability, history, or professional track record to solve problems and improve efficiencies process
  • Have a past (and proven experience) in financial, accounting, or billing department. A past experience in managerial position related to those financial fields.
  • Have the ability to perform billing department priority setting and strategic planning
  • Possess a solid and impressive leadership skill, including the skill to motivate and inspire others
  • Able to motivate and encourage direct reporting
  • Bachelor degree in Finance, Business Management, or Accounting. A Master degree will be an advantage
  • Possess an excellent problem solving ability and analytical skill
  • Accounting background is preferred, especially when accompanied by detail oriented attitude
  • Able to work overtime, during holidays, and during weekends
  • Have a good knowledge, experience, and familiarity with MS Office and other accounting/financial software

Interested applicants who meet the requirements are encouraged to send a cover letter and a CV to: before February 26th.

Billing Manager Job Description
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